Gavin Newsom’s Reparations Committee Wants to Give Away $559 Billion to Descendants of Slaves

Amir Aziz /
Amir Aziz /

In the wake of George Floyd overdosing on fentanyl, California Governor Gavin Newsom appointed a nine-member Reparations Task Force. They were tasked with a simple question: How much money should be taken from taxpayers of one skin color and given to taxpayers of another skin color to make everything in life fair?

Although the Task Force will not come out with its final recommendation until sometime next year, they are getting closer to a figure. They believe it will cost at least $233,000 for every descendant of African slaves living in California.

There are a lot of ironies here. For one thing, there are far fewer blacks living in California today than there were when Gavin Newsom first took office. Why do you suppose that is? Liberal enclaves like San Francisco and Malibu have made it virtually impossible, under the guise of environmentalism, to enable the building of any new housing. With millions of illegal aliens being allowed into the state, housing inflation has been through the roof for years.

How does $3,000 a month for rent on a crummy apartment in a gang-infested neighborhood sound? Not cool?

As a result of these liberal policies, Idaho now has more black residents per capita than Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district.

There’s also the fact that California has always been a free state. How does that hold up against the tenets of Critical Race Theory? California became a US state in 1850, and slavery was never allowed there. The only “descendants of slaves” living in California are those who migrated there sometime after the Civil War.

Governor Hair-gel’s task force has identified several areas where it thinks the non-slave ancestors of non-slaves in their non-slavery state deserve reparations. Housing discrimination is the one that allowed them to come up with the $233,000 figure for each black resident.

Never mind the fact that Malibu and San Francisco’s current liberal housing policies are far more devastating to the middle class than red-lining when FDR was in office back during the days of segregation.

The task force also says that mass incarceration, property seizures against blacks, devaluation of black-owned businesses, and health care are other areas that have set the non-slave descendants of non-slaves in California back. They haven’t decided on a dollar amount for those, however. Just the $233,000 for housing discrimination.

By the way, the estimated total for that would be a $569 billion payout to Californians who were never slaves. That’s more than California’s entire budget of $512 billion in 2022, which includes everything spent on education, hospitals, roads, and policing.

Another problem is that the task force says it will only offer the housing reparations to “qualifying” people who are descended from African slaves. How’s that going to work?

Picture a person who appears entirely white, but whose great-grandfather was a black descendant of slaves in Arkansas. Does he “qualify” for the housing reparations?

If not, why not? Hasn’t he been held back by the invisible racism vapors that permeate every area of American life, according to Critical Race Theory? Or is that “person of color” going to be erased under the task force’s plan? It’s all so confusing when you try to separate American society into different categories!

Whites who can claim black ancestry will no doubt be applying for reparations from the state of California. Why wouldn’t they? So will every African refugee who showed up in California five minutes ago. The plan sounds like a massive invitation for fraud, which could quickly outpace the supposed $569 billion price tag.

The Reparations Task Force will issue its final report to the California legislature by June of 2023. One thing is certain at this point. Their recommendations are going to be far more expensive than the taxpayers in California can afford.