George Soros Is Forcing Conservative Hispanic Voices Off the Radio


You’ve got to hand it to George Soros. When he sees anything in America that he perceives as a threat to his progressive world order, he moves quickly to destroy it.

Hispanic voters broke for Republicans in historic, unprecedented ways in the 2022 midterms. In response, Soros has been quietly gobbling up radio stations that employ conservative Hispanic hosts and forcing them off the air. As usual, the liberals who pretend to care about minorities the most are the most vicious people imaginable toward them in reality.

Democrats realized they had a huge problem on their hands about six months before the elections.

Hispanics weren’t following the script. They weren’t planning to vote a straight Democrat ticket in November like the good little slaves that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want them to be. What were these Hispanic voters doing – thinking for themselves?!

It turns out that was exactly what they were doing. They remembered how incredible their families had been doing just a couple of years ago under President Donald Trump and realized just how much their household wealth had evaporated under Joe Biden.

Some polls had as many as 70% of Hispanic men and 40% of Hispanic women switching to vote Republican in November. It was going to be a bloodbath in the midterms, and everyone saw it coming. If it hadn’t been for all the rampant Democrat Party election cheating that goes on, and an assist from Mitch McConnell, Republicans would hold a 250-seat majority in the House this January and probably a 55-seat majority in the Senate. That’s how amazing the Hispanic turnout was in reality for Republicans, aside from all the cheating.

When George Soros saw that polling back in April, he immediately sprang into action. Soros had his Latino Media Network immediately buy up 18 Hispanic conservative talk radio stations across the country. He plunked down $60 million for the deal and put two Democrat Party operatives in charge of the formerly conservative stations.

They are Stephanie Valencia, who worked on the Obama 2012 campaign and in the Obama White House, and a Hillary Clinton campaign staffer named Jess Morales Rocketto. The deal was financed by a Soros-backed investment firm called Lakestar Finance, along with other liberal gazillionaires.

Valencia and Rocketto immediately went about changing the format of the radio stations to a much more progressive, Democrat-friendly listening lineup. Now, we’re not suggesting that this had an impact on the 2022 midterms. It probably didn’t. The deal got underway in April and was only approved by the Federal Communications Commission in November. But George Soros is obviously moving to shore up the Hispanic vote in all future elections.

The stations that Soros now owns are in Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Antonio, and Fresno, among other cities. He even bought up the Spanish-language station that hosts the New York Yankees.

Lourdes Ubieta is a Cuban host who quit her job at a Florida station because of the new progressive Soros agenda. “Radio Mambí, which has always been an icon of freedom, is now in the hands of the enemy,” says Ubieta.

Puerto Rican host Dania Alexandrino, who also quit, stated, “They treat Hispanics like victims. I wouldn’t take a penny from them. My dignity is not for sale.”

They are just two of the many conservative Hispanic radio hosts who are now out of work because of Soros. You could say a lot of bad things about George Soros, and most of those things are well-deserved. But you can’t accuse the guy of being slow. As soon as he perceived a threat from Hispanic conservatives, he squashed them immediately.