Guess What? Nutrition is Racist, Too

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We have allowed society to point the finger every time they don’t like something. It’s becoming more and more mainstream, which has become dangerous.

If a Black person doesn’t score well in math, the curriculum is racist.

If a Black person gets arrested for a crime, the police officers (and the entire justice system) is racist.

It sets a dangerous precedent, and it’s not even close to being accurate.

There are white people who don’t score well in math. And there are white people who get arrested for crimes. However, they’re not pointing the finger to anyone. They own their mistakes.

Now, there’s another aspect of life that’s being called out as racist. Nutrition and BMI.

Apparently, what you eat shouldn’t have any bearing on your nutrition. So, for anyone who is eating fried foods, foods that are high in sugar, or anything else, it’s not your fault. The nutrition statistics are simply racist.

We’re seeing this in St. Louis, Missouri. The Washington University School of Medicine there has decided to embrace progressive ideas. They have a course titled “Health Equity and Justice.”

Within the curriculum, students are taught that nutrition is somehow racist. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is based on the body of a white person.

Fox News was able to get their hands on some of the PowerPoint slides. One of the slides features a TikTok video detailing how a white doctor established the number of calories per day to survive. Supposedly Dr. Lionel Bradley Pett “found out exactly what it took to keep the human body alive by starving native children to death.”

The video goes on to explain that the BMI isn’t an accurate way to analyze health, especially since it’s based on a Caucasian body. Hmmm…and to think that we are all homo sapiens and, therefore, the same. But, you know, the liberals know science better than anyone else.

Apparently, ethnicity and gender should be taken into account when establishing nutrition standards – and BMI should simply stand for “badly mistaken idea.”

The CDC maintains that identifying those with a high BMI makes it easier to determine if they are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the chairman of Do No Harm dropped this truth bomb: There is no disputing that individuals who have high body mass index have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.”

What’s unfortunate is that the liberals would rather bathe in their lies because it makes them feel better. They don’t want to take ownership of their weight or their health. They’d rather ignore the risks of cardiovascular disease.

Goldfarb goes on to say this: “Trying to deny this well-established observation is counterproductive and unscientific. While there is no reason to discriminate against individuals who have high body mass index, it is equally important not to dismiss the significance of BMI concerns, especially in children. Providing interventions that educate children about healthy eating habits is crucial for their long-term well-being.”

Keep in mind that no one who is promoting the notion that BMI is racist has promoted an alternative that helps people to focus on their nutrition regardless of ethnicity.

It’s all a way to point the blame.