Haitian Migrant Says the UN Paid Him to Invade the USA

nexus7 / shutterstock.com
nexus7 / shutterstock.com

Do you have enough money stashed away in your bank account to just wander through 20 countries over a three- to six-month period? Most Americans don’t. Yet somehow, tens of millions of illegal aliens from around the world are doing just that before traipsing across our wide-open southern border with Mexico. How are they doing that? Who’s paying for all this? According to one illegal alien whom a reporter spoke to in Mexico, the United Nations is one of the entities paying the illegals to come here.

Democrats invited this catastrophe into America during the 2020 election season. Every Democrat candidate running for president against Donald Trump promised illegal aliens “free” healthcare, “free” housing, and monthly welfare checks. All they had to do was come here, and they’d be let in, no questions asked. The flood started pouring across the southern border on inauguration day in 2021, and it has never let up.

Illegal crossings are expected to top 400,000 per month this year. None of these people are “refugees” under the legal meaning of the term. They cross through an average of 13 countries to finally get to our southern border. Under international and US law, you’re not a refugee unless you apply for asylum in the first country you arrive in. Crossing through 13 countries and demanding asylum in the 14th is an outrageous lie.

But again? How are they paying for this out of pocket? Illegal aliens from 160 countries are coming here right now, and many of them are fighting-aged male warriors from the poorest countries on Earth. It must be costing each of them thousands of dollars per month to make the journey.

A newly resurfaced video from a couple of years ago has just been rediscovered that shows part of the answer. An illegal alien from Haiti admitted to a citizen journalist that he was being paid on a prepaid debit card that he got from the UN. He also says that it was the UN that specifically urged him to invade our southern border. (Haiti is a failed state right now and has no functional government. The country is run entirely by criminal gangs.)

The US-bound Haitian was interviewed in Tapachula, Mexico. He was on his way to our southern border, but then he says he got stuck. He complained that the UN failed to reload cash on his debit card, so he couldn’t pay for any additional transportation to reach the US border.

The man says that he hasn’t been paid for the entire month. The UN normally loads the card with $3,600 pesos (about $202 USD) at the beginning of the month, but they must have forgotten about him this time.

Some have pointed out that there’s no way to verify the truthfulness of this illegal alien’s claims. Then again, why would he make up such an oddly specific and detailed story? Someone is obviously paying for the illegals to move here. Here’s the reporter’s exchange with the Haitian invader, who states matter-of-factly that the UN paid him to come to America: