Hilarious! Neocon Warmonger John Bolton Says He May Challenge Trump in 2024

paparazzza / shutterstock.com
paparazzza / shutterstock.com

If anyone needs a good belly laugh, they should know that neocon warmonger John Bolton and his evil mustache are threatening to challenge Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

Run, John, Run! Bolton has apparently forgotten that he was a big part of the reason why the American people voted for Donald Trump in 2016 in the first place. Bolton has been wrong on every foreign policy issue of the last 30 years (at least). He represents the very worst of the Bush-Cheney-Clinton-Obama neocon foreign policy.

We already knew that the 2024 GOP primary was going to be filled with laughs and thrills. Larry Hogan and Nimrata Randhawa (Nikki Haley’s real name) are running, after all. Can you imagine Hogan and Randhawa on a debate stage with Donald Trump? That’s going to be a repeat of Trump steamrolling Jeb and “Little Marco” Rubio in 2016.

Bolton was apparently sitting around in his luxury condo, paid for by weapons contractors for Bolton’s botched calls on Iraq and Afghanistan, and feeling desperate for attention. Or maybe he was just drunk. Anyway, on Saturday, Bolton tweeted that “All real conservatives must oppose his [Trump’s] 2024 campaign.”

Like clockwork, the media started blowing up John Bolton’s phone. Bolton appeared on “Meet the Press” on Monday and actually doubled down. He went so far as to suggest that he might have to personally run against Trump in 2024. Go get him, John Bolton!

What is it with these lightweights who all think that they are the chosen ones who will be able to take Trump down? Bolton, for those who have forgotten, was one of the architects of the Iraq War. How did that turn out, by the way? Did America win?

Fresh off of that failure, George W. Bush decided to nominate John Bolton to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Bolton couldn’t draw enough votes in the Senate, so Bush had to give him the job through a recess appointment.

In fairness to Bolton, Donald Trump’s decision to give him a job as National Security Advisor was one of the president’s biggest mistakes. Trump was on the verge of one of the greatest foreign policy victories for the United States in the last 50 years: peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula.

Trump actually got “Little Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un to come to the peace bargaining table. Trump met Kim on Korean soil, and in an amazing moment, Trump became the first US President to set foot in North Korea. The hermit kingdom was actually moving toward disarmament from its nuclear program, due to Trump negotiating a deal for peace. Korean families that became separated during the war and who hadn’t seen each other in 70 years had to hope that they would finally be reunited, thanks to Donald Trump. Peace was actually foreseeable in Korea for the first time since the 1950s.

And then, John Bolton and his evil mustache effed the whole thing up. Bolton was reportedly so contentious during meetings between the US, North Korean, and South Korean delegations that Kim Jong Un pulled out of the deal.

We’re really not kidding when we say John Bolton’s career has been marked by foreign policy failures. And yet somehow the guy keeps getting hired in DC, and he’s still running around giving speeches on all his foreign policy expertise for $115,000 a pop.

It’s thrilling to imagine John Bolton on a debate stage with Donald Trump. The problem, of course, is that the only major donors likely to support a Bolton run are the same people who poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Jeb’s campaign coffers in 2016. And those people have already all lined up behind Ron DeSantis and are trying to get him to run.