House GOP Moves to Stop China from Buying up US Farmland

Andrii Yalanskyi /
Andrii Yalanskyi /

Even Democrats are pretending to be mad at China right now. In the wake of Team Biden’s fake balloon events which are actually a ruse to make their dementia patient look tough right before he announces his reelection campaign, everyone seems to be ticked off. Legislation to ban China from buying US farmland is actually gaining steam and looks like it could pass. Naturally, Republicans in Congress figured out a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Firms tied to the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) have now bought up approximately one-half of one percent of America’s 35 million acres of farmland. While we still own 99.5% of our farmland, it’s still alarming. Most Americans were probably unaware that foreign countries are even allowed to purchase private property in America.

Some Republicans in the Senate are alarmed because these appear to be strategic land purchases that the Chinese are making. They’re buying farms located close to military bases. At least House Republicans are looking at it a little bit more intelligently. They’re worried that the CCP could cut off our food supply chains and starve entire sections of America. The Chinese are still a long ways off from being able to do that, but they certainly have a historical penchant for it.

The logic of allowing foreign nationals from ANY country to buy private property on sovereign American territory is mindboggling. Has no one in the federal government ever cracked open a history book?

Ancient Rome’s aqueduct system is considered the Eighth Wonder of the World. It provided fresh groundwater to homes and communities throughout the empire – until the government got mad at anyone. If a far-reaching community “forgot” to pay its taxes to Rome, its drinking water got shut off. This is the earliest historical example of why you should never put something critical like your food or water supplies in the hands of someone who doesn’t like you and isn’t particularly loyal to you.

Today, America has farmed out huge sectors of our manufacturing and supply chains to China. We can’t even produce ammunition at a fast enough rate for Congress to resupply its stupid war in Ukraine. China makes most of the ammo these days. They also make most of our pharmaceuticals. What happens to all the diabetics, heart patients and others who rely on regular prescription medicines if Joe Biden blunders his way into a war with China? Sorry, sick people.

So, what’s the solution to this? The most obvious one would be an outright ban on the sale of all private property and farmlands in the United States to any foreign country. That way, the Chinese are not needlessly ticked off, and no nation that may become hostile to us someday in the future won’t own any of our critical infrastructure.

The Founding Fathers intended for America and the liberties enshrined in the Constitution to be for themselves and their posterity. That means the land, too. Any nation that sells its private property to foreign countries, rather than allowing it to be purchased by Americans, is a nation on suicide watch.

But that’s not the solution that House or Senate Republicans are pushing. They don’t want to ban China from purchasing American farmland. Their plan is to have the same federal government that was stupid enough to allow the sale of American farmland to China in the first place… to conduct stricter vetting of all land purchases by the Chinese. That will work about as well as the Executive branch enforcing the Immigration and Naturalization Act by turning away illegal aliens at the border or arresting them all and deporting them as the law requires.

Banning the sale of American lands to any foreign nation is the only solution that could actually stop the problem. Not that Joe Biden would ever sign it into law. The Chinese obviously have some serious blackmail material on Hunter Biden that they’re holding over Joe’s head.