How People Vote Could Be More Important Than Who Votes

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Our elections are in shambles in this country. That’s beyond dispute after the midterm elections. 75% of Americans said in pre- and post-election polls that they hate the direction the country is headed in. But they didn’t deliver a red wave? This tells us that fraud is still rampant in American elections and that states haven’t done enough to reform their election laws in the wake of the stolen 2020 election. The big distinction, as pointed out this week by figures like Tucker Carlson of Fox News and others, is that HOW people vote seems to be more important than WHO votes.

Let’s dive into this topic, using states where MAGA Republicans won big, versus states where Joe Biden’s forces of darkness won big. On the GOP side, let’s look at Ohio and Florida.

Both of those red states place an emphasis on who votes. A voter has to present an ID to get a ballot. Period. Voters need to apply for a mail-in ballot in those states and give a reason for it. All the votes are counted on the actual day of the election because they’re not waiting for a bunch of determinative mail-in ballots to trickle in days or weeks after the election. The chain of custody on the ballots is largely unbroken in those states.

Now, let’s look at some states where Joe Biden’s party mysteriously won big on election day, or where they’re still counting the ballots. Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado come to mind for some reason. How people vote is the emphasis in those states, rather than who votes.

Mail-in ballots are a big driver in the fact that Democrats tend to win in those states, despite all the polling indicators. Gretchen Whitmer, one of the most hated governors in America, sailed to reelection despite a solid challenge from a great Republican candidate, Tudor Dixon. The stroke victim in Pennsylvania who cannot speak, and who looks like he belongs on a cell block, somehow defeated Dr. Oz.

Mail-in ballots destabilize the system in those states and open the door for massive fraud. If your emphasis is on who gets to vote, you make them present ID and you give them one ballot to cast. If your emphasis is on how people vote, you mail out ballots to everyone. That’s a key difference in the outcome in states where Democrats inexplicably won.

You can mail a ballot to a dead person’s address for years after they’ve died, so long as you don’t take them off the voter rolls. In Wisconsin, for example, more than 70,000 people who first registered to vote in 1918 cast ballots in the 2020 election. All of those people would have had to be a minimum age of 124 in order to cast their ballots. Every one of those people is obviously dead, but all the ballots were accepted and counted. That was part of how Joe Biden “won” Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes.

You can also mail a ballot to a person’s address long after they’ve moved out of state if you don’t clean up your voter rolls. This was a huge factor in Nevada and Arizona’s electoral votes being awarded to Joe Biden in 2020. Democrats know that if they flood the zone with ballots, a certain amount of them are going to be filled out by their party members and sent back in. They know they can add a minimum of 5 or 6% to the totals for all their candidates if they send out massive amounts of mail-in ballots.

Mail-in voting needs to be banned completely in the United States. Most countries in Europe have banned them because they’ve learned the hard way that mail-in voting is conducive to fraud. Until we change HOW people vote in many parts of the country, the increasingly irrelevant Democrat Party will keep winning elections and leaving people scratching their heads at how that could have happened.