Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Has Officially Lost It

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

Remember when Hillary Clinton defensibly shrugged off allegations that her husband was having an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky? She called it a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” yet weeks later, that “conspiracy” was proved truthful.

Well, it would seem that Hunter Biden’s leftist lawyer is attempting to do the same thing. In a recent interview with CNN’s Kaitlin Collins, he was asked whether or not any of Hunter’s shady business dealings would ever be tied to President Joe Biden.

Naturally, Abbe Lowell’s response was that only “a force other than facts or law” would make that possible. And when asked what he meant by such a “force,” it is “every MAGA right-wing, fanatical person.”

So right-wing fanatics alone believe the Biden family could be corrupt?

Ummm… someone has clearly not seen the mounting evidence against the first family.

I mean, so far, the House Oversight Committee (which is not entirely made up of right-wing fanatics, I might add) has obtained no small number of documents, financial records, etc., saying that the Bidens were paid out over $20 million from foreign entities during the time Biden was vice president to Barack Obama.

That proof also includes documentation from over 20 shell corporations, most of which were created by Biden as VP, all in the Bidens’ name.

As Committee Chair James Comer says, it’s pretty damning evidence, and all of it speaks to a vast “influence peddling scheme to enrich the Bidens.”

Oh, did I mention that under-oath testimonies speak to the same?

This isn’t exactly refutable information. And certainly not anything Lowell should so carelessly suggest is just “right-wing” fantasy.

If anything, his defensive rant should be even more reason to look into the matter and find the truth.