In-Party Fighting: Fetterman Comes for Newsom

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The Democrats are known for their in-party fighting. They bicker about their stance on policies, who should get what job, and more. The Biden administration promised unity. How will that happen when those within the Democratic Party can’t stop fighting with one another?

The latest one to start a fight is John Fetterman. Considering that he’s one of the newer senators, he doesn’t really have room to be fighting about anything. Especially since he just got slammed in his place about his wardrobe. After all, how could he think that wearing sweatpants and hoodies on the Congress floor was acceptable?

Anyway, he’s decided to take aim at Newsom.

Fetterman is a senator out of Pennsylvania. Newsom is the governor of California. It wouldn’t seem that anything Newsom does would concern Fetterman.

However, Fetterman is a petty man who is constantly looking to stir the pot.

He doesn’t like the fact that Newsom appears to be running for president (or at least laying out the plans to do so) without making an announcement.

Fetterman wants to know if Newsom is actually going to run for president against Biden or not. He noted that Dean Phillips, a Representative from Minnesota has already made his announcement.

Fetterman told a crowd recently that there were two Democrats running against Biden at the moment.

“One is a congressman from Minnesota, the other is the governor of California, but only one has the guts to announce it.”

How does Fetterman think that this is helping? Many within the Democratic Party are actually EXCITED about the possibility of a Newsom run. While people like you and I would say that he’s ruined the state of California, the people of the state actually chose to keep him when it came time for the recall.

Perhaps Fetterman wants to see Newsom take down Biden, too. This would be just what the slick-haired governor needs to take action. It would be a way to show that senator up and shut him up once and for all.

Who knows. The in-fighting is entertaining, but it’s not helping the government look very cohesive.

Fetterman does have a point, though. If Newsom is planning to run, the time to make the announcement is now.