Is There Anything Kid-Friendly About LGBTQ Presentations?

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Kids are supposed to be protected from all sorts of different topics, including sex. If we don’t want kids to get too curious about sex, we have to make sure that they stay far away from such topics until it’s age appropriate.

Kids should be learning about the basics in school – reading, writing, math, and history.

Until they hit puberty, there’s no reason to talk to them about how babies are made. And there’s certainly no need to tell them that there are some people who believe that they should be with members of the same sex…or that think that gender is something that is fluid.

We have to protect our kids from such topics until they are able to understand such content.

Yet, California schools have a very different idea. They would rather present everything to children at a VERY young age.

It’s common for school districts to pay for various presentations for schools.

Most presentations include such things as science displays, animal visits from the local zoo, and even local authors coming to talk to students.

Oh, but not anymore.

The Twin Rivers Unified School District has paid close to $10,000 for what is being labeled as “LGBTQ presentations.

Specifically, the school district paid money to the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network.

This network focuses on gender ideology as well as queer theory. And they are doing everything that they can to work their way into the education system.

One of the ways they have done that is through the “rainbow library.” This is where they send pro-trans books to classrooms at elementary schools.

Just the kind of thing you want your kid reading, right? Imagine that you’re raising your child as a Christian. Then, they tell you about a book that they read at school, and they have some MAJOR questions.

They’re horrified. You’re horrified. And when you go to approach the school about it, you also learn that there’s an LGBTQ presentation happening the next day.

All of this is to focus on transgender identification and let kids know that it’s OKAY to identify as transgender at an early age. The question is, is it really? When did it become okay to widely accept the trans movement? And more importantly, how is it acceptable to push it at such a young age?

Bring back the author visits and the science experiments so that kids can actually get an education. Drag queens need to stay out of elementary schools.