KJP Can’t Get It Straight on MNBC – Watch!

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

We have unidentified flying objects moving through our national air space, our armed forces are actually shooting them down, and yet the Biden administration seems extremely slow to explain their actions. Once again, transparency seems to be lacking from the White House.

The president has said nothing over the last few days of intense activity. He spoke about the previous Chinese spy plane that was shot down over the Atlantic after moving across the whole nation. He downplayed his slow response saying that it wasn’t a major breach.

And now, he’s trying to defend himself as he did with the classified documents scandal, blaming everyone but himself. But in the process of his lame defense, he actually admitted that he’s had documents going back almost 50 years.

Biden’s not the only one in the administration having problems. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did an interview with MSNBC that didn’t go very well.

KJP said that the U.S. military shot an object over Canada “because it’s part of NORAD. There’s, uh, the NORAD is part of like a, part of a—it’s a, it’s a, what you call, a coalition, a consortium.”

Then she ended the murky speech with this: “We did it clearly in step with CANADIA.”

It’s hard to recover from that.

She’s supposed to be making Biden’s mistakes better, but she just keeps muddying the waters.

Along with these recent blunders, she continues to refuse to say whether or not the FBI has conducted, or will conduct, more searches of Biden’s homes and offices for hidden classified documents.

She will be back behind the usual podium again next week, and most likely, she will be boasting again about how “transparent” the administration is.

Is it really possible that we could have this team together for another six years?