Leftist Heads Explode Over Hockey Player’s Reason for Refusing “Pride” Jersey

esfera / shutterstock.com
esfera / shutterstock.com

Woke bigots are calling for professional hockey player Ivan Provorov to be fired from the Philadelphia Flyers after he refused to wear a “Pride” jersey during team warmups this week. The intolerant LGBT+ community calling Provorov a “homophobe” because he exercised his religious faith and freedom of conscience. If anyone had any remaining doubts over whether wokeness is a cult, this should clear it up. No blasphemy against the orthodoxy of wokeness is allowed.

The Flyers asked all the players to wear a silly rainbow jersey for the team’s “Pride” night. You’d think professional hockey would be a sport that is extremely unlikely to succumb to the woke mind virus. And that’s true for many of the players and most of the fans. But apparently, the leadership of many of the teams are now falling in line with the screeching hordes of communists who want to destroy anything traditional or masculine in nature.

Why is “Pride” night even a thing for the NHL? No one in the stands cares. They come to the games to watch the players punch each other.

Sportscasters let out audible gasps when Provorov took to the ice for warmups, sans “Pride” jersey.

They’ve had the vapors ever since, and can’t seem to stop calling Provorov names. One guy on ESPN broke down and cried because Provorov refused to wear his little obedience symbol in front of everyone.

Personal dignity and respect of the sort Provorov displayed are forbidden by the cult of wokeness.

The Flyers’ press office was flooded with hyperventilating phone calls from reporters as the team was still warming up. Why wasn’t Provorov wearing the rainbow jersey? Is he evil? Does he hate gay people? The team surely won’t allow him to play tonight, will they?

The press office issued a cowardly statement to the effect that they just love “Pride” night and LGBTQIA+AirForce people and please don’t say mean things about us! And they made sure to let all the reporters know that Provorov would be available for interviews immediately after the game. Way to throw your guy under the bus, Philadelphia Flyers!

When Provorov did speak to the media after the game, he was perfectly reasonable and polite. He said he respects everyone, adding, “My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion.”

Provorov is a Russian Orthodox Christian. As his choice to not wear a silly rainbow jersey to support a lifestyle that is utterly condemned by the Bible was revealed, leftist heads exploded. They knew it!

Being a Christian and standing up for your faith and freedom of conscience is a hate crime to these people. The media thought that perhaps Provorov had bumped his head and simply forgot to wear the rainbow jersey. Why else would someone object to wearing a simple jersey? But when they learned that it was in fact his Christian faith that made him stand alone against their little abomination ceremony, it was just too much.

One member of the gay mafia on Twitter proclaimed, “If he did respect everyone, he would have taken part in warm-up and worn the Pride Night jersey. Don’t hide behind religion.”

Provorov wasn’t hiding behind his religion. He was proudly proclaiming it.

Another Twitter wokester huffed and puffed, “Being LGBT+ is not a ‘choice.’ Being ignorant, obnoxious, and homophobic is a choice.”

Actually, it is a choice. Or maybe scientists will finally locate that elusive “gay gene” one of these decades. But for now, it’s still a choice. And it’s an increasingly intolerant choice.

We’ve gone from the “gay community” asking for simple acceptance in America to the totalitarian notion that everyone must pretend to respect them at all times. Ivan Provorov deserves great credit for standing up against these woke terrorists. If only more professional athletes who share his views were willing to stand up beside him.