LOL: Electric Cars Cost More to Charge in the UK Than a Tank of Gas

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Well, here’s a hilarious story. Since the rulers of Europe and the United States are being a bunch of idiots about Ukraine, it now costs more in the UK to recharge the battery on one of their precious electric cars than it costs for a tank of gas. Sorry – we meant to say a tank of petrol. Donald Trump tried to warn EU leaders about the folly of being highly reliant on Russian oil and gas while simultaneously trying to provoke Russia into invading Ukraine. But did they listen?

Of course not!

This is fabulous news because global warming is a total hoax. Smarmy electric car drivers are now paying through the nose to recharge the batteries on their feel-good, but wildly energy-inefficient little electric cars. It kind of serves them right for joining a weather cult instead of following the science.

British people who drive normal combustion engine cars are paying a lot for gas right now because of the Ukraine sham. They’re paying the equivalent of $6.91 a gallon USD for gasoline. But electricity overall, which can only be created with fossil fuels in Europe because they’re stupidly shutting down their green energy-producing nuclear power plants, is even more expensive. It costs approximately $12 USD more to charge up an electric car battery than it would for a full tank of gas.

So much for the argument about how efficient these vehicles are. Not that they’re efficient at all.
The good news is that these fad vehicles have just about reached the end of their stylish cycle. The scales are falling off people’s eyes as we continue to expose the truth about what a sham the whole global warming/electric car thing is.

For example, Siddarth Kara’s book “Cobalt Red” is being released this week. The New York Times is already predicting that it’s going to be a bestseller. Kara is an independent journalist who traveled to the cobalt mines in the Congo to see what was really going on there. Guess what?

Total slave labor. And a lot of child slave labor. That’s what it takes to grab enough cobalt from a very-much-not-friendly-to-the-environment open pit mine. Congratulations, electric car owners! Your virtuous electric car only has a battery because little kids are chipping away at the ground with pickaxes in slavery mines. Thank you so much for saving the world with your electric car! You’re so virtuous! Preach to us some more, St. Greta!

The truth is that if a person bought a gas-guzzling muscle car in the 1970s and is still driving it today, that vehicle will still never pump as much carbon into the atmosphere in its entire life as it takes to manufacture a single electric car. Not even close!

There’s also the fact that there are actually very few facilities in the entire world that can recycle an electric car battery, contrary to the propaganda from the EV makers. The different heavy metal components in them are highly toxic, and there aren’t many facilities that exist that can recycle them.

Speaking of the toxicity of those batteries, the components are probably totally safe for the child slaves who are mining them, right? Most of the 2,000 casualties a year in those mines happen from cave-ins. It takes years for child slaves to die from cobalt poisoning.

Here’s a fun fact that you can throw in the faces of the next weather cultist who starts blathering to you about electric vehicles: There are more slaves digging cobalt out of mines around the world to create electric batteries right now than were ever transported to North America during the entire history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

So, enjoy paying extra to recharge your virtuous cars, libs! The rest of us normal people will keep filling up our gas guzzlers and resting easily at night in the knowledge that no child slaves had to die for the creation of our SUVs.