Maybe It’s Not Too Late to See Ronna McDaniel Ousted

Maxim Elramsisy /
Maxim Elramsisy /

It may already be too late, but a grassroots group of RNC committee members are trying to stop Ronna McDaniel from winning a fourth term as chairperson of the organization.

Harmeet Dhillon is a worthy challenge for the head of the Republican National Committee, and he just may be inching his way to an upset.

The first call for McDaniel to step down from leadership came from Roger Villere of Louisiana and Solomon Yue of Oregon. Villere revealed that McDaniel had promised committee members at a recent meeting that she would not be seeking reelection in 2023. But, ironically, after the humiliating midterm election, she decided to go back on her word and run for an additional term. She should have run to hide!

Since Villere and Yue first became voices in opposition, there has been a trickle of committee members and state committee members who have withdrawn their support for McDaniel. Some have transferred their support to Dhillon, but others are waiting to see how things turn out.

Texas Railroad Commission candidate Tom Slocum is the latest voice in opposition to McDaniel. He is calling for new leadership and in the tweet below you can see his rationale.

Texas now joins the Republican state committees in Arizona and Tennessee casting a no-confidence vote for McDaniel.

And there are now sources indicating that the California GOP executive committee very recently voted to support Dhillon.

Conservative commentator Erick Erickson wrote, “If she were an SEC football coach, she would have been out a long time ago.”

Scott Presler, a grassroots activist, has been working outside of the RNC to create momentum against McDaniel forcing her to bow out. He has spent a good deal of time working in inner cities that have been hit hard by awful Democratic policies. He tweeted this week that Nebraska GOP chairman Eric Underwood had withdrawn his support of McDaniel. Underwood said that he would not only rescind his endorsement of McDaniel but present a vote to the State Central Committee and then represent the people of his state accordingly.

And Presler also revealed another potential pickup in Maryland where Dirk Haire, a McDaniel supporter, retired as the state’s party chairman.

The liberal media is trying to direct the narrative about McDaniel saying that she is going to “glide” on to victory for another term. But there is still hope because it seems like every day there is another small step toward committee members rescinding their support. McDaniel’s claim to have approximately 100 committee members behind her is now a serious question.

She will not only face Dhillon as her opposition but also MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in the race to get the 85 votes needed to win the chairmanship. This vote will take place in late January at a committee meeting in Dana Point, California.

The truth is that this opposition against McDaniel is somewhat surprising. The process of choosing an RNC leader is designed to insulate an incumbent from any outside challenge. It should be unlikely that the committee move on from her leadership before 2024. But that has not stopped the momentum of dissent.

The strongest catalyst for this opposition came from Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.). He wrote, “Change is desperately needed, and there are many leaders, myself included, ready and willing to step up to ensure our party retools and transforms as critical elections fast approach, namely the 2024 Presidential and Congressional races.”

He went even further saying that to assume McDaniel would be re-elected seems like the disappointing results of every election during her tenure do not and should not even matter.
Let’s hope the momentum continues.