Mayor Adams Claims Biden and Federal Gov’t Are Destroying NYC

Pavel Chagochkin /
Pavel Chagochkin /

If Democrats have anything going for them, it’s their seeming undying loyalty to party and agenda, no matter what is happening. So when one big-hitting Democratic official starts criticizing those of his own, and even higher-ups, it’s a pretty big deal.

But that’s precisely what New York City Mayor and Democrat Eric Adams has been found doing of late. And the man he’s taking swings at is none other than our Democratic president, Joe Biden.

In what could be called an uncharacteristic Democrat move, Adams lashed out at Biden, his administration, and their policies during an event in Washington, DC, this past week.

Adams insisted that his city “is being destroyed by the migrant crisis,” and Biden is to blame.

It’s noted that this is the same man who promised to keep NYC a sanctuary city to all immigrants when he took over two years ago, claiming that it was their responsibility to “protect our immigrants. Period.”

But, of course, now that Adams is seeing exactly what so many migrants are doing to his city and its bottom dollar, he seems to have changed his mind a bit.

According to him, the migrant crisis is bankrupting his city. And if not for it, he could have been hailed as the financial savior of NYC.

“If you removed the $4.2 billion that has been dropped into my city because of a mismanaged asylum seeker issue, you (would have) probably witnessed one of the greatest fiscal turnarounds in the history of New York City.”

And he’s not exactly wrong. While no one can really know what the financial state of the city would look like if not for the many seeking asylum there, it’s clear that a whopping amount of funding has been used up to deal with the situation, funds that are much needed elsewhere.
As the New York Post reported, about 38,000 asylum seekers are currently being housed throughout the city in 104 emergency shelters and eight Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers. Within the last year, more than 56,000 asylum seekers have been in and out of the city.

Naturally, such an influx of people would cost the city a great deal financially. Additionally, crime has gone up, drug overdoses are on the rise, and homelessness is soaring.

As Adams said just a few days earlier, it all amounts to “one of the largest humanitarian crises that the city has ever experienced.” And he lays it all at the feet of the federal government and Biden’s failed policies.

He says the “national government has turned its back on New York City. Every service in this city is going to be impacted by the asylum seeker crisis.”

Of course, we know that it’s not just NYC that is being adversely affected by the immigration crisis Biden has created. Crime is up in just about every major city. Drug overdoses and fentanyl use in the States have increased from coast to coast thanks to an increase in cartel presence nationwide. And the nation’s resources are being eaten up at a record pace.

And it’s all due to the massive flood of migrants crossing our southern border.

As the Texas Tribune pointed out, over 2.3 million illegals were apprehended last year, the most ever in one fiscal year. And that’s just how many were caught. Thousands more have gotten through undetected.

That’s 2.3 million mouths to feed, clothe, house, transport, etc.

And that doesn’t even begin to calculate the more than $130,000 a day that the Biden administration pays out to NOT build the border wall. If you didn’t know it, most of the material and contracts for such have already been bought and paid for by the Trump administration. Biden is literally paying to have those materials sit and be protected.

So, yeah, I’d say the federal government has turned its back on NYC, as well as the rest of the country. And for what? To be called the “all-inclusive” party and get a few more votes. At this rate, he’ll have no votes at all.