McCarthy Issues Warning to January 6 Committee Come the New Year

Shirley Preston /
Shirley Preston /

Well, it’s official: the obnoxious and complete waste of time, aka, the January 6 House committee, will be ending come the beginning of the new year when the Republican Party takes the majority and, therefore, leadership.

Current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made as much known in a letter to the committee on Wednesday. McCarthy, who is running to take Nancy Pelosi’s place as Speaker of the House, additionally warns that come January, the committee and all of its records could be heavily scrutinized and reviewed.

As such, he wrote that the committee had better have all of their ducks in a row, meaning “all records collected and transcripts of testimony taken during your investigation” had better be preserved and accurately so.

McCarthy went on to point out that over the last couple of years, the committee has spent a massive amount of time and taxpayer-funded dollars on supposedly investigating just what happened and how on January 6, 2021. And yet, it seems they are nowhere closer to any real answers.

For that reason, the GOP leader says the committee will be dissolved, and its work will end. Furthermore, all that work will be reviewed and handed over to the American people. According to McCarthy, the people “are owed all the information you gathered – not merely the information that comports with your political agenda.”

Neither do any of those records belong to the committee or any of its members.

McCarthy noted that, from now on, the only January 6 related investigations to be had would be one about “why the Capitol complex was not secure” on the date in question.

Of course, committee chairman, Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, says that all the records are already intact and complete, as protocol demands. They will also be readily available to both the people of the United States and any Congressional member or staffer who wants to scrutinize their work.

And to be sure, there are more than a few who do.

In fact, according to a recent report from The Washington Post, a total of 15 current and former panel staffers have a few concerns about what it has turned into since the day the committee was instated.
As one former committee staffer noted, most who were and have ever been involved in the committee “came from prestigious jobs, dropping what we were doing because we were told this would be an important fact-finding investigation that would inform the public.”

But that’s not what it has become.

The former staffer continued he and others became “discouraged” and even “angered and disillusioned” when it “became a Cheney 2024 campaign.”

If you didn’t know, soon-to-be-ousted RINO Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney is Vice Chair of the committee. Under her guidance, it has increasingly turned the focus of the investigations on former President Donald Trump – and some would say – not on the actual facts of the day.

According to the Post, making the committee into a “vehicle for the outgoing Wyoming lawmaker’s political future” is not what they signed on to do.

But thanks to a new GOP majority, all that nonsense is about to end. And with any luck, we might just find out the truth about what really happened on that fateful day and not just what the Democrats in charge at present want us to think.

Of course, the Post has already mentioned that the final January 6 reports will not be as forthcoming on the shortcomings of law enforcement or intelligence community members who may have been involved in the day’s events. So much for transparency, huh?

But that’s exactly why McCarthy is making threats about the scrutiny those reports are soon to possibly endure. As he told Thompson, “It is imperative that all information collected be preserved not just for the institutional prerogatives but for transparency to the American people.”

And if they don’t cooperate, I imagine and hope there will be hell to pay.