Megyn Kelly Goes After Sally Field’s Apology of Being a “Little White Girl” – Watch!

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Megyn Kelly lashed out at Sally Field for the way the legendary actress apologized for being white during her acceptance speech for a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday.

Kelly made her comments during Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast. She spoke with guests Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky about what Field said at the SAG Awards. She asked why the star felt the need to say she was “sorry for being a little white girl with privilege.”

Kelly explained that she was very sorry about one thing and it appeared to be the fact that she is white. Megyn then played a clip of Field telling the audience, “I was a little white girl with a pug nose born in Pasadena, California. And when I look around this room tonight, I know my fight, as hard as it was, was lightweight compared to some of yours. I thank you. And I applaud you.”

Kelly wondered why Fields felt like she needed to apologize for being “raised a little white girl.”

“It’s such bologna, Dr. Drew. It’s such pathetic, obvious virtue signaling.”

Kelly noted that Sally Field could have talked about growing up in an industry where there was a literal casting couch in a system that produced people like Harvey Weinstein. She talked about the number of women from Marilyn Monroe who were subjected to this trauma to get on the big screen.

Kelly also asked how she knows that the people in the room suffered. “How does she know? It’s so diminishing to people of color who are in the room. She just assumes that they are all oppressed? Why should she assume that they’ve all had it so bad?”

And she summed up her position by challenging Sally Field to stop the continuation of dividing people so much. “Could you just shut up? Just f***ing say thank you, honestly.”