Minnesota to Force Taxpayers to Pay for Illegal Alien Healthcare, Tuition & Driver’s Licenses

AF Branco / creators.com
AF Branco / creators.com

The politicians in America truly hate the American people. The Minnesota legislature has just passed a new “tuition-free” college program for illegal aliens only. It’s not really free, obviously. The Minnesota taxpayers will now be on the hook to pay for the college educations of illegal aliens. As for the American-born Minnesotans who would like to get a taxpayer-funded education, well, they’re totally out of luck because their politicians hate them.

Minnesota has a majority Democrat legislature, and they have been on a tear this year moving to provide all sorts of “free” goodies to illegal aliens that they would never consider giving to those born and raised in Minnesota. The “free” tuition is just the latest insult.

Under the new program, any illegal alien from a household that makes $80,000 a year or less can sign up to get a “free” degree from any two- or four-year institution in the University of Minnesota or Minnesota State colleges. To make it even more insulting to Americans, the program requires illegal alien enrollees to fill out a FAFSA form, which is submitted to the federal government.

This means that illegal aliens are identifying themselves as criminal border breachers on a federal form. The Minnesota Democrats are confident that it is safe for illegal aliens to do this, since there’s no way that Joe Biden would ever deport an illegal alien under any circumstances.

The “free” college-for-illegals program comes on the heels of the legislature allowing illegals to sign up for “free” healthcare in the MinnesotaCare exchange. The Democrats also passed a bill allowing illegal aliens to get a Minnesota driver’s license, so they can legally drive around in the state while the taxpayers are forced to pay for their healthcare and college tuition.

The people in charge truly hate the people of this country that they’re supposed to be defending. How else would you describe the disparate treatment between native-born Americans and illegal aliens, whose very first act on US soil was to break federal law?