MSNBC Works to De-Program Fox Viewers from Cult Mentality – Watch!

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MSNBC has a track record of going off toward the lunatic Left, it might very well be their bread and butter. Their viewers seem to love it.

Several days ago, they went into some bizarre areas with a conversation about Fox News and its viewers. It took place on “The 11th Hour” program with host Stephanie Ruhle. Ruhle was in angst about how Fox News reacted to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech by calling him a liar.

She brought in Juliet Jeske, a professional Fox News analyzer, to come on her program and talk about the network and its viewers.

Jeske seems to be focused on connecting with Fox News viewers and breaking them free of the network’s brainwashing.

So Jeske and Ruhle sat together and talked about Fox News, complaining about things at the network like not spending enough time on the lawsuits around former President Donald Trump, and not talking enough about climate change.

Of course, they complained about Tucker Carlson and accused him of being a revolutionary against the state.

Ruhle finally got to Jeske’s job which is to reach people who watch Fox News and begin “deprogramming” them from the “cult mentality” they are apparently a part of.

She flat-out said that Fox News was a “cult.”

“I’m trying to get to the friends, families, coworkers, and colleagues of people who are already deeply entrenched in Fox. Number one, to prevent them from getting sucked in. To help them navigate dealing with someone who’s in that cult mentality because I would call it a cult and to help them figure out why their relatives and loved ones are saying these things and deprogramming someone or de-radicalizing them is a very difficult and long situation to go through. It’s low. It’s very, very hard,” she said.