No Time To See the Border, but Biden Can Vacation in the Virgin Islands

Paris Malone /
Paris Malone /

Being President of the United States means a lot of things. Among the biggest responsibilities of leading the free world is being able to handle the stress that comes with it. President Biden has proven he cannot handle this stress, and now he wants to end 2022 in the Virgin Islands.

Per a White House readout, the President as well as his family will be in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands from December 27th until the new year. With more than a quarter of his presidency already being spent in Delaware, he has been wasting the taxpayer’s money on vacation, and not doing what he was elected to do.

While he somehow has all this time to be on vacation, on December 6th during a visit to Arizona, he told reporters he wouldn’t visit the border “because there are more important things going on.” Naturally, he refused to expand upon those statements, and the American people were left wondering what was more important. He had already visited the computer chip factory that is set to open down the line, so he had time. It’s not like anyone won’t wait to meet the President.

Biden senior adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms was pressed a bit about what he felt was more important, and she had an answer that was more babbling than a real response. “When the president travels, it’s not like you or I jumping on an airplane, then getting off and going to our destination. Everything comes to a halt. So all of these things are in consideration for the president. Is that the best use of resources? All of the resources that will be diverted on the ground when the president makes a visit?”

What Bottoms fails to understand is not only just how close the border was to his location, but also just how easy it would have been to reorganize those resources. A base on the AZ-Mexico border named Ft Huachuca could have easily helped facilitate the visit, and they have an airport more than big enough to welcome the President and his entourage. Just making the visit to the border, and especially if he had gone through such a small base, would have been a great gesture to those serving and shown the Border Patrol just a drop of caring.

Unfortunately for those serving, the President has proven that not only does he not care about the border, but he could also truly not care less about them. He cares even less once they get out unless you’re his kids. Then he might care just enough to get you out of trouble for cocaine.

As it stands, the border is under siege. Even with Title 42 helping to stem the tide, FY 2022 came to an end with over 2.3 million encounters with federal authorities. They aren’t being sent home, but instead being sent to detention centers or just handed tickets to appear and be set free. This is not what the border patrol exists for.

The icing on top of the cake is the emotional and mental toll this surge is taking on Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). The officers from the CBP are being exposed to some of the worst in humanity, and their mental health is struggling as a result. From kids who are being sexually trafficked, to drugs, human trafficking, and cartels attacking them, the CBP is in danger of falling apart at the seams. As a result, the CBP has seen a significant increase in suicides over the last few months.

Biden refuses to see the realities of his liberal policies up close. In fact, per former White House press secretary Psaki in 2021, the last time he even drove by the border was in 2008. How can he make policy about the border when he won’t even look at it?