OP-ED: 1500 to Border Proves Biden Learned Nothing From Afghanistan, Iraq, or Even Visiting the Border

PRESSLAB / shutterstock.com
PRESSLAB / shutterstock.com

President Biden and his administration have decided to send 1,500 troops to the US-Mexico border, as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had its request fulfilled by the Pentagon to provide them for 90 days. Slated to arrive as early as May 10th, they won’t have much time to get the lay of the land, with Title 42 expiring on May 11th.

Compromised of a majority of Army and Marine Corps troops, they will be assigned to “non-law-enforcement duties” like data entry, warehouse support, and in the kitchens. With the expected spike in immigration, the DHS claims having them along with the 2,500 National Guardsmen already on the border will free them to do their jobs. These migrants and refugees looking to come to the US in the “right”-wrong way are certain to overwhelm the system, so all hands will be needed.

Yet, this small number of troops is a very telling sign of where the Commander in Chief stands, and what he has learned about the military.

First off, he is sending far too few troops to be of any real help. Given how far our border stretches, even 4,500 would barely make a real dent. Then there is the issue of an incredibly understaffed “boots on the ground” DHS and Customs and Border Patrol divisions. Without people to process the rush as well as to catch those who just rush, this is setting up to be a complete overrun of the border.

Secondly, he has yet to learn anything about the push of someone looking to escape. The people who swarmed the Kabul airport in Afghanistan were scared and doing anything they could to get through, or at least their children. Along with them, numerous terrorists and criminals snuck in. When it comes to the asylum numbers, you can guarantee they will be there at the southern border too. With the massive crowds, it would be a prime opportunity for yet another suicide bomber like in Afghanistan.

If Biden wanted to do things right he wouldn’t be having people rush the border like this. He would have had a privately selected timeframe, and make the mission happen quietly. With no time for those on the other side to plan, the country would have the advantage. Instead, by publicly planning this he gave them time to organize and get things set up.

Then there is the concern about the number of people being smuggled under human trafficking who will claim “asylum” as they are being trafficked into modern-day slavery here in the US. Not to mention the massive amount of drugs likely to be smuggled across the border. Given how long many of them have been waiting to cross, the cartel has been taking advantage of this to convince people to muggle stuff later for food and water now.

Biden knows what the best use of the military along the border would be, and just like with Afghanistan and Iraq he refuses to allow them to do what they do best. Instead his concerns about how other organizations would see this kind of “aggression” have outweighed the good of the American people.

With the current plans to open immigration centers in multiple foreign countries, Biden is trying to stack the deck for years of votes for Democrats. This kind of stacking the deck is beyond irresponsible, it is truly degrading to those who immigrated here the correct way and earned their citizenship. Instead, Biden and Harris want to hand it out like its crackerjacks. As it is we already are dealing with inflation that is rising at an unbelievable rate and housing that is beyond its limits of responsibility.

This administration has cost multiple American lives in Afghanistan, and given the climate along the border, they will likely cost many more with the way this administration looks to end Title 42 on May 11th. Maybe this will finally give the American people the ammunition needed to wake up and get Biden and Harris out of DC.