People are Now Choosing to Identify as Handicapped

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If you thought transgenderism was bad, just wait. It gets so much worse. If you haven’t heard, there’s a new trend going around. And it involves knowingly disfiguring your body to become “disabled” or “handicapped.”

And no, I’m not kidding.

Much like transgenderism, where a man or woman claims to identify as the opposite sex, sometimes also engaging in medical practices that physically change their appearance to mask their God-given identity, there is now a set of people out there who claim to identify as “handicapped.”

According to Fox News, the trend is called transableism and literally involves individuals wanting to mutilate their bodies to feel “disabled” and supposedly more at home in their own bodies.

I know it’s disturbing and irrational, to say the least.

Also, like transgenderism, it used to be known as a mental disorder, “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” or BIID, in which treatment and therapy were recommended upon being diagnosed.

Of course, with the normalization of transgenderism, those with this disturbing thought process and on the far political left have moved to rename it and therefore include it in the larger “trans rights” movement of political activism.

Now to be clear, some transabled individuals, just like a great many transgender people, simply identify as handicapped. As such, they try to live out their lives as if they are actually disabled in some way or another.

Others, however, have gone to great lengths to assume their new “identity.”

For example, one woman in North Carolina claims to identify as blind. And so, she has recently taken steps to literally destroy her eyesight.

Others have gone to medical professionals to ask for amputations of limbs and other body parts to feel more like their “identity.” Some have even asked for their spinal cords to be cut to become paralyzed.

Clearly, it’s disturbing. And more than a bit dangerous.

I mean, these people are literally asking for harm to be done to them.

Now, that does bring up a good point. As this is actual “harm” being done, most of us would likely agree that no doctor, or not many, at least would be willing to perform such ridiculous requests. For starters, the Hippocratic oath alone prohibits such.

As Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, told Fox in a recent interview, “Mutilating the body is an objective harm even if it makes the patient subjectively feel better.”

For this reason, we might have some hope that the trend will die out, as these “identities” can never be realized.

Then again, how much do you want to bet that some liberal doctors out there don’t have a problem with the whole thing?

It also likely means that, without doctors to do their bidding, these mentally unstable individuals will probably just end up harming themselves on purpose to achieve their goals.

But as the Western Journal points out, the whole thing makes a complete mockery both of the medical industry and those who actually suffer from disabilities.

If you have ever come across someone with a disability, be it a learning impairment or a full amputation of some sort, you know that 1) they never asked for such, and 2) if they could, they’d love to once again be whole and complete.

They spend their lives and so much money on treatment just to feel normal again, just to ease the pain. And yet, these sickos are out there claiming that is exactly what they want.

As one North Carolina student told the outlet, “It’s offensive to people who actually suffer from the condition that you say you need, in order to be your true self.”

Of course, it’s also offensive to those like medical professionals and caregivers who have also spent their lives trying to help those with handicaps. Often these individuals make enormous sacrifices to help their loved ones with disabilities.

And yet, transableists are asking that their loved ones now take care of them. Talk about selfish. And stupid.

We’ve got to nip this one in the bud and fast.