Proof Kamala Harris is Just as Incompetent as Biden

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BiksuTong /

By now, we all know that Democratic President Joe Biden is about the worst as far as competency goes that we’ve ever had. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that his second in command isn’t any better – and a recent interview gives us all the proof we need.

It all happened on Wednesday when Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show.”

Now, given that it is Colbert, a man who has basically admitted to gaslighting the American public into thinking the Leftist way is right, and CBS, which isn’t exactly known for its conservative-loving ways, the interview should have been an easy one. It also should have shown the nation the absolute best parts of Harris. You know, things like her sense of humor, her drive to get the job done, and most of all, her fitness for the job.

But as it just so happens, that’s not what the US population saw that night.

Instead, we learned that Harris, much like her boss, has no idea what she’s doing and is no better at public speaking.

Naturally, as most interviews do, the night began with a few ice-breaking questions or stories. You know, the sort of thing that is supposed to secure our belief that she is likable and relatable.

One such question punted by Colbert was whether or not the HBO comedy “Veep,” starring Julia Louis-Drefyus, was at all accurate.

At first, Harris responded as one might think she would, saying that some things were actually quite like her real life. Then to seemingly prove that she went into a story about how a team member tried to do “something really sweet for me” by lighting the fireplace in her office on a cold day.

She explained that she had been out of the office in a meeting and that the staff member had attempted to light the fire while she was out so that it was warm when she returned. But things didn’t go as planned.

Apparently, this equally incompetent individual forgot to open the flue on the fireplace, subsequently filling Harris’s office with smoke.

Now, it could have been a cutesy little story and clearly was meant to be, but the way Harris laid it all out made it anything but. In fact, as most agreed, it was rather embarrassing – not only because of what happened but because of how she told it.

But then things got worse.

As the interview continued, Harris was then asked what her job actually consists of. As Colbert pointed out, the Constitution doesn’t actually give a job description of the role. So “What is the actual role on a daily basis as you have found it?”

You would think Harris would then tell us what she does daily. You know, things like helping the Senate push legislation through, advising the president on policies, or even just standing behind the president while he signs paperwork.

But that’s not at all what she said.

Instead, she went into a praise session for her boss, first declaring him as “the president of the United States” and then saying he is an “extraordinary leader.”

She literally didn’t say anything about her actual job or what she does.

Of course, the crowd still applauded her like crazy.

But no, she wasn’t quite done humiliating herself or the administration.

Moments later, she was asked a more serious question – about the Biden admin’s recent approval of an Alaska oil drilling venture known as the Willow Project. Given the administration’s usual stance on oil drilling, Colbert wanted to know whether the White House thought there would be any “blowback” for approving such a project.

What came out of Harris’s mouth was a word salad even her boss would be proud of.

“I think that the concerns are based on what we should all be concerned about, but the solutions have to be, and include, what we are doing in terms of going forward, in terms of investments.”

Umm, what? What does that even mean?

As I said, a word salad.

Need any more proof Harris is just as incompetent as her boss? I’m sure next week will provide just that.