Proof of Just How Hypocritical the Biden Administration Is

somkanae sawatdinak /
somkanae sawatdinak /

If we’ve heard anything from the political left over the past few years, it’s that “following the science” is all important. Of course, this refers to the science that claims that COVID-19 is extremely deadly, that COVID-19 vaccinations work, and that masking actually works to ward off the disease.

Now, this might have been believed by the general public back in April 2020, at the height of the pandemic. Hell, it might have even been given as a topic argument in January 2021 when masking mandates were still around.

However, by now, a full two years later, we all know that to be nothing but a complete load of nonsense.

Unsurprisingly, that’s no real reason for those in the Biden Administration to give up on their self-inflated ideas of being above everyone else.

Take Vice President Kamala Harris, for example.

She’s got to be one the most vaccinated and up-to-date boostered individuals in the nation. And yet, when it comes to meeting with and posing for photos with members of the public, she’s still going to require a negative COVID test for anyone over the age of two.

You’ve also got First Lady Biden who has gotten COVID at least twice, and she’s the poster child for getting vaccinated like good little Americans.

While the White House claims that COVID protocols are still in place, we can see clearly that they are not.

There’s also a brand new COVID vaccine (untested) that the Biden administration is pushing for everyone. Of course, we haven’t seen anyone get these new boosters. It’s not like in 2020 and 2021 where all of the liberals were pushing up their sleeves on live camera to show that they are doing what it takes to stop the spread.

The White House is spreading a bit of a lie to help you want the vaccine. Their website claims: “The United States has experienced five waves of the pandemic since 2020, including three in the past year that were driven by new variants. America experienced a wave of COVID-19 cases driven by the Alpha variant in early Spring 2021 – a time when the U.S. vaccination program was administering a record number of vaccines every day. The Delta variant, which was more than twice as contagious as the original coronavirus strain, then swept across the country starting in Summer 2021, beginning in the South and spreading to the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions. ”

Five waves? Questionable.

Until reports stop flowing in about how the vaccines continue to harm otherwise healthy people, the Biden administration can do all they want to push the vaccines. None of us will be rolling up our sleeves for the jab.