Proof of Just How Hypocritical the Biden Administration Is

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

If we’ve heard anything from the political left over the past few years, it’s that “following the science” is all important. Of course, this refers to the science that claims that COVID-19 is extremely deadly, that COVID-19 vaccinations work, and that masking actually works to ward off the disease.
Now, this might have been believed by the general public back in April 2020, at the height of the pandemic. Hell, it might have even been given as a topic argument in January 2021 when masking mandates were still around.

However, by now, a full two years later, we all know that to be nothing but a complete load of nonsense.

Unsurprisingly, that’s no real reason for those in the Biden Administration to give up on their self-inflated ideas of being above everyone else.

Take Vice President Kamala Harris, for example.

She’s got to be one the most vaccinated and up-to-date boostered individuals in the nation. And yet, when it comes to meeting with and posing for photos with members of the public, she’s still going to require a negative COVID test for anyone over the age of two.

News of her self-importance and hypocrisy broke on Monday when Breitbart News reported that Harris’ office had put out such requirements ahead of the now-past swearing-in of the new Senate.

As is tradition, the actual swearing-in of Senators for the 118th Congress was officially sworn in on the Senate floor. However, since photos taken on the floor have been banned since the 1950s, what follows is a reenactment swearing-in ceremony in the Old Senate Chamber for anyone who wants to participate, according to Time magazine.

It is during this that photographs of senators and their families with important leaders like Harris can be taken.

And it is during this reenactment ceremony that Harris requires all who want to participate to prove they do not have COVID-19, despite their vaccination status.

According to Breitbart, this is part of White House COVID-19 protocols to supposedly protect those like Harris from harm. But that doesn’t mean it’s a must for anything outside of the White House, such as this ceremony.

And yet, Harris’s director of legislative affairs was directed to pass this requirement along to the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms Protocol Office last week in preparation for the ceremony.

“As you are aware, White House COVID-19 protocols require that anyone over two years of age who will interact with the Vice President take a medically administered antigen test within 24 hours prior to interaction and receive a negative result. This policy applies regardless of vaccination status.”

But wait, if the vaccinations work like Harris and others say they do, why are these tests needed? As you likely know, hundreds of people’s careers and our military strength have been sapped by the supposed need for vaccinations.

And yet, when it comes to meeting with Harris, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve been vaccinated or not. It also doesn’t apparently matter that Harris herself has been vaccinated and given booster shots out the wazoo.

Perhaps, what Harris says and what she actually believes are two separate things.

Then again, we don’t have to look at this specific example to figure that out, do we? What about the White House’s insistence that Title 42, an immigration policy set up by Trump to limit incoming immigrants based on health and possible COVID infection, be nixed?

If COVID was still such a major concern, as Harris’s requirement for negative tests seems to show, then why are similar precautions at the border no longer needed, according to the same people?

Then again, as we all know, what goes for the rest of us isn’t the same for those like Harris, is it? While she’s supposed to be protected on all fronts, from infections, with guns, etc., the rest of us are supposed to fend for ourselves.

Rules for thee and not for me…

Luckily, I don’t see anyone seeing anything other than Harris’ blatant hypocrisy on either front in this situation. So much for new beginnings, huh?