Sad & Lonely Mitt Romney is Retiring But Might Run Against Trump

Maria Dryfhout /
Maria Dryfhout /

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) brought smiles and joy to Republican voters everywhere this week when he announced that this would be his last term in the US Senate. He’s retiring when his term expires in 2024. It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t want to get “Liz Cheney-ed” in the Utah Republican primary next year, but there could also be an even more cynical reason why Romney is retiring now. He could be planning to jump in the 2024 GOP primary against Donald Trump.

There’s ample evidence that this is the case. Romney’s retirement announcement was not a sudden thing. It was many months in the making. We know this because the biography about Mitt Romney’s career in politics—and his upcoming retirement—was released on the same day that he made the announcement. McKay Coppins is a former Buzzfeed reporter and Romney’s biographer. Excerpts of the book were published in the Atlantic on the same day that Romney told the world about his retirement.

The excerpts make it clear that Romney has been working with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) on creating a globalist third party to run against Donald Trump in 2024. It’s unclear how far along they are in these plans. Romney has no possible hope of unseating Donald Trump if he jumps into the primary race.

However, the plan may be for him to try to just win Utah’s six electoral votes, thus trying to force a brokered GOP convention. If they can’t keep Trump off the ballot through fake indictments or handwringing about the “insurrection” that never happened, the globalists will have to resort to more Machiavellian political schemes to unseat him.

The whole thing does sound completely orchestrated to prime everyone for a Romney 2024 announcement. Romney hires an establishment Buzzfeed reporter to write his biography, a book in which he has nothing but unkind things to say about Donald Trump and his MAGA upstart voters who don’t understand “true conservatism.” The book was written months in advance and then published and released on the same day that Romney announced his retirement.

It all sounds incredibly scripted, doesn’t it?

Another thing you should know about the book is that it paints an excruciating, cringe-worthy picture of Mitt Romney as a sad, broken, lonely, pathetic little man. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. After Mitt Romney and his wife moved to Utah so he could run for Orrin Hatch’s vacant Senate seat, he bought a huge house in Washington, DC. He sits alone in the big house all the time, according to Coppins’ book.

He filled the home with luxury furniture to make it more appealing to his wife, but she rarely comes to visit him. It’s falling into disrepair, with crumbs and dirty dishes everywhere. The way that it’s described, it sounds more like the bachelor pad of a guy in his 20s rather than the home of a former presidential candidate. None of Romney’s adult children ever come to visit him either, according to Coppins.

Romney had a 91-inch flatscreen TV installed in the dining room because he was hoping to be entertaining family in that room all the time. Now he’s moved a leather recliner into the dining room and stationed it in front of the TV, where he sits alone every night.

Mitt Romney’s entire political philosophy of Bush-Clinton-Obama-Biden globalism has been utterly refuted by Donald Trump’s first term in office. Globalism is headed for the ash heap of history because of Trump’s successes. Will Mitt Romney jump in the race for 2024 to try to stop Trump?

It doesn’t sound like the sad, pathetic and lonely little man has anything left in his life but politics. Don’t be surprised if Romney makes another big announcement in the next month or so.