South Korea Now Paying for Victims Injured or Killed by the COVID Shots

Horst-Koenemund /
Horst-Koenemund /

The US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) continues to claim that the mRNA “vaccines” for COVID-19 are safe and effective. It says so right on their website. This narrative is getting more and more difficult to uphold, however. Especially with so many other nations now admitting that the mass vaccination programs with Pfizer and Moderna shots hurt and killed a lot of people. South Korea, for example, is now giving out cash payouts for families of those injured or killed by the shots.

The payout program started back in June of this year when the South Korean government began paying families 10 million won (about $7558 USD) for vaccine injuries or deaths. In September, they increased significantly if anyone had a loved one die from a vaccine injection.

If a loved one dies within 90 days of injection, families can receive up to 30 million won (about $22,500 USD) in compensation money. That’s if an autopsy determines that the vaccine contributed to the person’s death. If an autopsy is inconclusive, they can receive up to 20 million won (about $15,117 USD).

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency says that the payouts even apply retroactively, so if a loved one died back in 2021 when the clot-shots first became available to the public, families can still receive some compensation.

How’s that for evidence that the shots are neither safe nor effective? South Korea isn’t some third-world dump with witch doctors working in their healthcare system. They’re an advanced country. They know that deaths and severe injuries from the shots are so common that they’re willing to make cash payouts on the honor system.

When is the CDC going to stop lying to the American people and admit that these experimental gene treatments have been a total disaster?