State Accused of Covering Up Proof Public Schools Are Failing

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If you haven’t heard, leftist-led cities are failing on multiple fronts, not the least of which is how and what we educate our children. Of course, this particular city doesn’t want you to know how spectacularly that failure goes, so they’re simply covering it up…

Welcome to Baltimore, where it was discovered in February that of 23 public schools studied, exactly zero students are proficient or capable in math.

That’s right, schools crammed with hundreds and hundreds of children of all ages can’t say that a single student knows what they are doing in math.

It’s shocking, to be sure – and a major reason why the Maryland State Department of Education was forced to alter its reporting of test results. Note that teaching methods or curricula weren’t changed, just what was being reported.

As Project Baltimore, an investigative reporting initiative in the area, reported, they basically reduced the amount of information both parents and taxpayers can access regarding the schools’ and students’ performance.

Behind it seems to be Maryland State Department of Education, Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury.

For starters, when it was discovered just how low test scores were in the area, Choudhury pretty much locked himself behind closed doors and refused to comment. When he was caught out of his office for questioning, his answers came out something like this:

Project Baltimore also found numerous text messages and emails that proved that MSDE was doing little else but covering up its failure, including not being all that willing to comply with a public records request.

As Adam Andrzejewski, founder of, a watchdog group, said, “He didn’t want to turn over information about how he was making decisions on what student test scores to post in the worst performing schools.”

Meanwhile, boys in those schools are learning to wear dresses.

And don’t even get me started on how violence in Baltimore schools has risen…

As a result, the governor is now considering not renewing Choudhury’s contract with the state.