Study Confirms Patented Ivermectin More Effective Than the Covid Shots

Yeexin Richelle /
Yeexin Richelle /

The US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) just extended the COVID emergency once again. The administration’s excuse for the extension is that there is a new Omicron sub-variant floating around, but there’s more to it than that.

If the “emergency” ends, then the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Covid shots has to end as well. And there’s no way the shots from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson will stay on the market after that. They legally can’t since it’s now been proven that Ivermectin is more effective than the shots.

The FDA, the CDC, the Biden White House, and every Democrat on the planet pitched a conniption fit early on during the pandemic when doctors were announcing that they’d had success treating COVID patients by using Ivermectin as an off-label drug. CNN claimed that podcaster Joe Rogan had taken “horse paste” when he successfully treated his own case of the coronavirus with Ivermectin.

Even Alex Berenson, who has been a pretty good source of information throughout the pandemic (and still is a good source) has doubts about Ivermectin. He says there’s been no scientific study that proves the cheap, generic antiviral medication works.

Well, here’s a scientific study proving that it works.

A company called MedinCell has concocted a proprietary version of Ivermectin in an injection form called BEPO. The company ran a randomized study to test BEPO out on a group of 399 people. They gave their patentable Ivermectin shot to participants and monitored them for 28 days in this study, which took place in Mexico.

Then, they exposed the participants to COVID, because science in Mexico is hardcore. The Ivermectin was 72% more effective in preventing COVID infections than in the placebo group. By the way, that 72% figure is also more effective in preventing COVID infections than the COVID shots.

Health officials and Pfizer and Moderna lied to everyone back during the pandemic and claimed that their drugs were anywhere from 95% to 99% effective. “Safe and effective.” But then the effectiveness of the shots fell off a cliff. Health officials at the CDC are now saying that vaccinated people will probably have to keep taking booster shots forever.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you have to keep taking booster shots to “make the vaccine effective,” then the vaccine is not actually effective at all under the guidelines of epidemiology. All of these high-profile Democrats who brag about being double-dosed and double-boosted with the COVID shots keep catching COVID for some reason. (The reason is the shots don’t work.)

Joe and Jill Biden have caught COVID multiple times. So has Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Anthony Fauci, and so on. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky caught COVID for the second time within 30 days of getting her second booster, which indicates that the shots’ effectiveness is actually near zero.

Anyway, why is there all this hatred for Ivermectin, which clearly works? Because under current FDA regulations, it’s illegal to grant an Emergency Use Authorization for an experimental drug when there is already an existing drug, with an existing safety profile, that works. Ivermectin is cheap and abundant, but Pfizer and Moderna can’t make billions of dollars in profits if they admit that it works better than the experimental mRNA gene serums that we’re now calling “vaccines.”

Another bonus when it comes to Ivermectin is that there has never been a case of a young, healthy athlete collapsing and dying from cardiac arrest while taking it. Two high school students in Las Vegas went into cardiac arrest and died within the past week. Everyone knows what’s causing these bizarre fatalities in young people, but no one in charge wants to admit it. Just like they don’t want to admit that Ivermectin works.