The FBI Lied to the American People about the January 6 ‘Pipe Bombs’

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Remember the pipe bombs on January 6? Someone placed pipe bombs outside the RNC and the DNC the night before the mostly peaceful election justice protest on the 6th?

The FBI has never requested real help from the public in identifying the person who did that. If they wanted help, they would have released some of the non-grainy footage that they have of the person placing the bombs, which is the footage they no doubt have from DC’s draconian surveillance spying grid. According to one former FBI agent who has now come forward, the bombs were fake and could never have detonated.

The FBI has claimed all along that these devices were functional and could have exploded. Former agent Kyle Seraphin says that’s not the case. He spoke with the FBI’s Joint Program Office for Countering IEDs, and agents working there told him the bombs were inoperable.

“The devices were primitive and had all the components you would have for a bomb, but they weren’t assembled like a real bomb,” says Seraphin. “They would have never gone off. There was no chance they could have actually detonated. So, they were inert devices. They just looked good.”

The so-called pipe bombs were a critical component of the fictional narrative that was the January 6 “insurrection.” The US Capitol was not evacuated on January 6 because peaceful Trump supporters were marching toward the building. The Capitol was evacuated because the “pipe bombs” were “found” and law enforcement was called, conveniently and coincidentally, right before the professional FBI agitators in the crowd instigated the fake insurrection.

Ever since January 6, the FBI has seemed wildly incurious in learning the identity of the person who planted the fake pipe bombs. Instead, Joe Biden’s new Attorney General Merrick Garland directed a whole-of-government approach to identify the mostly peaceful protesters, viciously hunting them down, and destroying their lives in outlandish show trials that take place in front of the heavily biased DC Circuit Court.

The FBI swarmed the house of a single mom in her garden in Arizona—with helicopters, no less—to arrest her, because she peacefully walked inside the Capitol, harmed no one, broke nothing, and politely left when police asked her to. The FBI kicked in the door of a couple in faraway Homer, Alaska to try to arrest them for January 6, only to realize that they had the wrong couple. A 60-year-old grandmother who is also a cancer patient was recently arrested for “parading” inside the Capitol on January 6.

But the FBI is too busy to track down the actual person who planted bombs outside the RNC and DNC? Right. Got it.

Seraphin also revealed to the Washington Times that the FBI had identified two good suspects in the case at one point. He says the Bureau found the person who bought the materials used in the devices by tracking their credit card. The Bureau also identified the person who planted the bombs, who was apparently different from the buyer.

Neither one of those people has been hauled in for questioning, as far as Seraphin knows.

“I don’t know what they [eventually] did on that case, but I know that it was BS, and the bombs were BS, and it seems like they had a good lead, and they could have run it down. But as far as I know, they never did.”

More than 1,000 Americans who peacefully protested a sham election have now had their lives destroyed by the FBI and the Biden administration, which brags that it plans to nab another 1,000 protesters in 2023. Why would the FBI be so disinterested in arresting the two people they’ve identified in connection with the pipe bombs?

We can think of only one reason, and it’s not a good one.