The FBI Paid a Sex Offender $20K to Start Denver BLM Riots in 2020

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How come the FBI never really bothered to look into the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020? Those riots were clearly organized and definitely acts of domestic terrorism. They were certainly more violent and dangerous than the January 6th peaceful election justice protests. We’re starting to get a clearer picture of the reason for the FBI’s lack of interest in BLM. Just like with January 6th, it turns out that the FBI was the cause of the BLM riots.

We all remember when the BLM riots started and why. A career criminal named George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose as police were restraining him. The cops were trying to save his life because Floyd’s system was shutting down. But Floyd died, and because his death happened on camera, the event was exploited by the Democrat Party to foment more racial hatred in America.

The riots may or may not have been spontaneous initially, but then they started to fizzle out. This was a problem for the FBI because they hated President Trump and wanted to get rid of him after their Russia collusion hoax failed. So, the FBI began sending in professional agitators to help spark the BLM crowds into committing violence (just as they did with J6).

We know this because a podcast called the Alphabet Boys has uncovered documentation and receipts proving it. During the summer of 2020, the BLM protests had actually turned mostly peaceful. That’s when the FBI allegedly sent in an outrageous paid informant – a white man and convicted sex offender named Mickey Windecker – to cause trouble and stir things in.

It worked. Even though Windecker glowed like a Christmas tree, he was able to inject some new energy into the riots, according to other activists who saw him. Windecker drove a silver hearse loaded with weapons to the protests. Everything about the guy screamed, “Fed.”

“He stuck out like a sore thumb,” says activist Azria Arroyo. “He was in all camo with a hat, no mask, chuffing an unlit cigar.”

Windecker didn’t wear a COVID mask like other protesters as he was inciting others to commit vandalism, arson, and political terrorism. And the reason for this is that the police already knew who he was.

The Alphabet Boys revealed the receipts on their podcast proving that Windecker was paid $20,000 as a “confidential human source” over the summer of 2020. He was a professional agitator.

The Daily Beast looked into Windecker’s background, and it gets even weirder. In 2015, Windecker flew himself to Iraq and joined the Peshmerga Kurds to fight ISIS. He gave himself the nickname, “Necromancer,” implying that he was some kind of special operator (he’s actually a former Marine, like several of the January 6 agitators who were paid by the FBI).

But it caused a lot of trouble for Windecker when his fellow Muslim fighters discovered his lengthy criminal history back in Colorado. He had been arrested 28 times. The charges against him ranged from impersonating a police officer to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl when he was 20. That doesn’t sit well with devout Kurds.

The Alphabet Boys have reported that activists saw Windecker at BLM protests as he incited violence and arson.

“Aren’t we all gonna do this?” Windecker yelled on one occasion, according to eyewitnesses, before he started breaking windows on a government building.

As soon as the BLM riots stopped after the 2020 election was stolen, Windecker disappeared from the protest scene. Maybe he was one of the masked Antifa-looking types who caused property damage on January 6th? We may never know, because the FBI refuses to answer any questions about the convicted pedophile they paid $20,000 to break windows and start fires in Denver. And the barefaced, easily identified Mickey Windecker has never been arrested or charged with any of the crimes he committed in Denver while on the FBI payroll.