The Hypocrisy Exposed: Newly Promoted WH Official Deletes Thousands of Tweets Amid Backlash Over Past Posts

Henryk Ditze /
Henryk Ditze /

It seems like another case of liberal hypocrisy has reared its ugly head within the walls of the White House. A newly-promoted administration official, Tyler Cherry, found himself under intense scrutiny last week due to some rather… let’s say “problematic” past social media postings. And what does one typically do when faced with public embarrassment? Delete any evidence, naturally!

According to reports, Mr. Cherry scrubbed nearly 2,500 tweets from his profile overnight – quite the feat! It appears these deletions occurred shortly after news broke regarding several inflammatory remarks aimed toward law enforcement officials, Republicans, and supporters of Israel.

The Libs of TikTok were quick to bring the truth to surface:

When confronted with these unearthed gems, Cherry offered up a half-hearted explanation, claiming they don’t represent his present-day beliefs.

Now, isn’t that convenient?

This whole ordeal raises questions about accountability among government representatives. Are we truly expected to believe their words can change so drastically without genuine remorse or self-reflection? What exactly constitutes growth or maturity in today’s political landscape anyway?

You can bet that the White House didn’t bother making a comment, either. The only thing that they have said about Cherry is that they are “very proud to have Tyler on the team.” Proud isn’t quite the word we’d use when someone starts deleting questionable tweets, but this is par for the Biden administration, isn’t it?

As always, stay vigilant folks; there may yet be plenty more skeletons hiding beneath the surface waiting to see daylight.