The Latest Pentagon Leak Story Just Does Not Add up on any Level

ADragan /
ADragan /

The story about the 21-year-old Air National Guardsman who supposedly leaked Top Secret CIA documents on an internet gaming server doesn’t add up. Not at all. Not in any universe. You’re better off simply making up your own conspiracy theories about what’s going on than relying on the media, which is just regurgitating Pentagon talking points now. The only thing we know for certain is that the government is lying to us, and this poor kid who was snatched by the FBI the other day is a patsy for the supposed leak.

First, a recap of what happened.

Authentic CIA documents that were classified as Top Secret were leaked on an internet gaming site called Discord starting a couple of weeks ago. The docs were verified as authentic. They prove a number of things that the Biden regime and the media have been flat-out lying to the American people about.

For instance, Ukraine is losing the war against Russia badly. Did you know that? You might have known it if you pay attention to foreign newspapers, but you didn’t hear about it from the press here in America.

Second, America has troops on the ground who are actively fighting Russia. Did you know that? Did you vote on that? Did your representatives in Congress vote to send American soldiers to fight a hot war against Russia for the losing side? Nope! Looks like Joe Biden did that unilaterally and on his own without input from Congress, which is a violation of the US Constitution.

All of that is true. But instead of being angry at the substance of the documents – which is that Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s deliberately starting World War III without the consent of the governed – everyone in the establishment is mad at the leaker.

But is Alex Texeira, age 21, really the “leaker?” The documents that he supposedly posted on a gaming forum had been photographed from inside the CIA Operations Center at the base where he worked.

Texeira is an Air National Guardsman. He goes to work for the Air Force two days a month. Are the two-days-a-month airmen who obviously don’t have high enough security clearances allowed into the CIA Operations Center unattended, where they can take photographs of the most sensitive Top Secret documents in the government with no one noticing? Doubtful.

The reports also suggest that Texeira didn’t just get into the CIA Operations Center one time or two times, but possibly three times. During the two days when he was on duty in March. He must have been a busy little bee.

Two of the sets of documents were from the CIA, and the third was supposedly a State Department EXDIS file. The US military does not have any access to those cables. None at all. It’s inconceivable that Alex Texeira could have accessed that on an Air Force base. It doesn’t add up.

What does add up is that Alex Texeira is exactly the sort of person that the Biden regime would frame as a patsy. As Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene noted, “Teixeira is white, male, Christian, and antiwar. That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime.”

Indeed, it does. And even if Texeira is the leaker (which we have no reason to believe at this point), he has committed the unpardonable sin of embarrassing Joe Biden for illegally sending troops to Ukraine. He’s also embarrassed the uni-party in Washington, by pointing out the stupidity of the billions of dollars in American taxpayer money they’ve sent to a losing cause in Ukraine. The Deep State is about to throw this kid into a deep hole. And once that happens, we may never know what really happened with this leak situation. What’s your conspiracy theory about what’s going on?