Toxic Military Sites Will Remain…All Because of Liberals Not Providing Funding


Toxic military sites are found around the globe. And many of them have had catastrophic health effects on those who have served their country proudly.

Lingering chemicals in the soil and in the air, such as polyfluorinated alkyl substances that have been used in military firefighting foam have harmful effects on the environment. And these chemicals are still lingering at military bases as well as inactive DoD locations.

Surely, there’s a process to get everything cleaned up immediately, right?

Not so fast. The only way that the toxicity will be addressed is with more funding – and considering Biden would rather line the pockets of Ukrainian officials than do anything to help Americans, that funding is nowhere in sight.

As a result, it could take decades for the military sites to be cleaned.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released an analysis that explains how the “forever chemicals” clean-up has only become more expensive over the past few years – with the cost being around $31 billion.

Jared Hayes, one of the senior policy analysts at EWG explained, “The Defense Department is facing a ticking cleanup time bomb as funding falls dramatically behind cleanup costs. It’s clear that funding at current levels cannot possibly catch up to rising cleanup obligations.”

The harsh reality is that there are at least 200 military sites with some kind of lingering contamination. This contamination can lead to metabolic disruption, certain cancers, and even have an impact on reproductive systems.

So, the DoD will pay in one way or another. If they don’t pay to clean up the sites, they’ll end up paying VA benefits to veterans who have been exposed to the toxicity.

And yet, the military can’t figure out why enlistment numbers are down. Perhaps Americans have decided that they don’t want to expose themselves to the horrors of military life – which apparently happens even before being deployed to a war zone.