Trump Announces ‘American Academy’ Plan

Antonio Guillem /
Antonio Guillem /

Most of us have known that a college education isn’t what it once was, especially from an Ivy League school. And that’s precisely why Donald Trump is proposing a new way to give higher education to America’s youth.

It’s called the American Academy. According to Trump, it’s basically an online university that will offer only the best in educational standards and be 100 percent free to all.

To say it’s a little out of the box is an understatement. Some might even say it sounds a little woke. I mean, free education? Isn’t that what socialists usually want?

But it comes after a veil of sorts about higher education has just been lifted in the United States.

As Trump explained on Wednesday, the US spends more on higher education than anywhere else. You would think this would make our young adults the smartest, most well-adapted people on the planet.

And yet, after October 7, when Hamas attacked our longtime ally Israel, college campuses nationwide erupted in protests that actually supported terrorism, not democracy.

What this told thousands, including Trump, is that our higher education is no longer working.

Instead, as Trump says, “they’re turning our students into Communists and terrorist sympathizers.” And So, “It’s time to offer something drastically different.”

Per Trump’s plan, it will be funded by “taxing, fining and suing excessively large private university endowments” – all to create a new university – the American Academy.

According to Trump, the plan will not add “a single dime” to our national debt and yet will be able to offer every single American student a top-tier education online, offering the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. This will include lectures, study groups, mentors, industry partnerships, etc.

All “free of charge.”

Oh, and “It will be strictly non-political and there will be no wokeness or jihadism allowed.”

It’s about as out of the box as the border wall, and given Trump, it’s likely to work just as well.

What do you think?