VP Harris Reaches Another First…This Time at West Point

Kim Wilson / shutterstock.com
Kim Wilson / shutterstock.com

We already know about many of the “firsts” that VP Kamala Harris has accomplished within her career – including being the first African American AND Asian Vice President of the US.

Now, she’s going to be delivering the commencement speech at West Point at the end of the month. The US Military Academy better prepare for what they are in for.

Harris isn’t exactly known to be the best public speaker. In fact, she’s become well-known for her word salads. She also has a habit of talking to crowds of adults as though they are kindergarteners.

This is the first time West Point has ever asked a woman to provide the commencement speech. And if she botches it as many assume she will, it will be the last time they ask a woman, too.

The superintendent of West Point, Lt. General Steven W. Gilland issued a statement that said that they’re honored to have the VP be the commencement speaker, commenting that “ “As an accomplished leader who has achieved significant milestones throughout her career, we look forward to her inspiring remarks to our cadets.”

VPs generally speak at one of the service academies’ graduations on a rotating basis. She spoke in New London, CT last year for the US Coast Guard Academy’s graduation. And in 2016, Biden was the one to deliver West Point’s commencement speech.

So, while we’re excited that West Point (and Harris) is making history, it’s simply because of her title that she’s being trusted with this speech. Let’s hope she’s learned not to talk to everyone as though they are five.