WEF Demands ‘One Less Car’ for Every Household Including Yours, You Dirty Peasant

Marso / shutterstock.com
Marso / shutterstock.com

The unelected and unaccountable World Economic Forum (WEF) is now urging world governments to force every family to give up one of their vehicles. If you live in a two-car household, the WEF only wants you to own one car. If you only have one car, you should just ride a bike, you filthy peasant. Your betters at the WEF are trying to save the weather and that is more important (to them) than your convenience or standard of living.

In an article published last week, the WEF outlined its expectations for families to be forced into adopting its “One Less Car” agenda to “save the planet.” This appears to just be a stepping stone to the WEF’s broader agenda, which is to eventually eliminate all private vehicle ownership and force everyone to either take an Uber or ride a bicycle.

The unelected Switzerland-based WEF carried out a fake study in Australia to prove how much happier everyone will be if they own fewer cars. The study tracked 58 Australians for four weeks as they tried to live up to the “One Less Car” agenda.

Households with two cars only used one vehicle for the four weeks, and individuals with only one car walked or used Uber to get to work and carry out errands. Oddly, many of the study participants talked about how great it was not having a car.

See? It’s science! You’re going to love it when Joe Biden bans you from owning a car during his second term in office.

Plus, you always get to be the hero of the story when you adopt the WEF’s climate insanity. The religious suffering that you go through will “save the planet.” The good news is that as you are walking to work, the WEF will allow you to eat all the bugs you catch along the way.