Why Texas: The Ultimate Destination for People Escaping Liberal Nightmares

photo.ua / shutterstock.com
photo.ua / shutterstock.com

Texas has become the go-to destination for individuals looking to set up roots in pursuit of better opportunities, lifestyle choices, and a more conservative approach to politics. With so many cities in the news for their liberal politics these days, it’s no wonder why Americans are packing up and moving, but why is Texas getting so many of those looking to escape the liberal nightmares?

Texas offers quite a bit, and there are countless cities to explore, ranging from Dallas to Fort Worth to Austin to Houston and even beyond.

Robust Economy & Vibrant Business Landscape
Texas has seen a steady rise over the years due to its dynamic economy, diverse industries, strong job market in every possible sector, thriving startup ecosystem, large number of Fortune 500 companies (Texas is ranked second in Fortune 500 headquarters), and low unemployment rate. A favorable economic climate often invites numerous businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual workers seeking high-paying jobs and overall success.

Affordable Living with Low Taxes
Housing costs in Texas remain significantly less than other metropolitan areas found in the US such as New York City and California. Besides living costs being relatively affordable, Texans also reap the benefits of lower taxes – personal income, state sales taxes, and property tax rates are all extremely attractive compared to many other states.

Enhanced Lifestyles Offered by Outdoor Activities & Excellent Weather
Glorious sunshine throughout the year, warm summers, mild winters – if outdoor adventures, long walks in nature or backyard barbecues sound appealing to you, you cannot go wrong deciding on moving to the “Lone Star State”. Texas boasts numerous parks, beaches ideal for water sports, and rolling hill country for hikers. Residents can enjoy countless experiences, whether they’re fishing at Galveston Island, horseback riding in scenic Marfa, rock climbing at Hueco Tanks, or just relaxing under a Texas sky.

Rich Diversity & Unmatched Cultural Scene
The ethnic diversity in Texas isn’t just an asset but creates a uniquely multicultural landscape that defines the spirit and attitude of the state. Whether it’s experiencing Tex-Mex flavors or attending cultural extravaganzas, residents of Dallas, Houston, and Austin (among many other great cities) get a taste of life’s finest pleasures, from food drives exhibiting different cuisines to art galleries spanning the world. You’ve got a growing wine industry in the Texas Hill Country, while Austin is known for its incredibly diverse art scene.
If you look hard enough, you’ll find whatever cultural scene you want within Texas.

Exceptional Educational Options & World-Class Universities
Texas offers public schools with an expansive curriculum for children while providing a significant number of colleges and universities recognized across the globe – Texas A&M University, Rice University, Texas Tech, and the University of Texas, among others; not to mention the state’s competitive medical and health programs such as MD Anderson Cancer Center at The UT System. Quality education options create substantial opportunities regardless of whether you’re just looking for a better education setting or building your child’s knowledge foundation without having to look far or break the bank.

Undeniably, there’s something extraordinary about Texas—and its appeal to so many extends far beyond geography. Be careful, though. The population is booming, so real estate is on its way up.