Woke Disney Loses Again at the Box Office and It’s More Than Money

eafaru / shutterstock.com
eafaru / shutterstock.com

The magic seems to be fading from the Magic Kingdom. The Disney brand no longer seems to carry the weight that it used to.

According to a recent report from “Bounding Into Comic,” Disney has one more movie flop on its hands.

The movie “Strange World” is a story of a man with a famous father who must go looking for him. On the one hand, it has everything in it that should make it a hit today, but it also has a very open gay teen romance in the storyline that is celebrated by the main character in what some consider to be an over-the-top way.

Bounding reported that the movie performed terribly over Thanksgiving weekend; it only brought in a meager $18.6 million. This is a huge loss considering the amount it took to make it, the production budget was between $135 million and $180 million.

According to Anthony D’Alessandro, a writer with Deadline, the movie cost $135 million even before P&A. And Rebecca Rubin from Variety said that the movie budget was $180 million and was poised to be a major loser for Disney.

The movie will need to make between $335 million and $450 million to just break even.

Variety reported that the film was an attempt to normalize LGBT relationships, and this time it was between two teenage boys.

There was a major lack of advertising for this film, and it left some wondering if Disney knew it was going to be a flop before it even came out.

It also was released over Thanksgiving weekend up against the third weekend of Black Panther. It’s almost like Disney wanted this film to do poorly.

Disney has not just lost a whole lot of money, they lost families with solid traditional values too.