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    Twitter Suspends Official Account of Arizona Audit

    As a social media giant, Twitter no doubt has specific responsibilities to the public. One of those is that its platform won’t promote dangerous, violent, or misleading information. And as such, they have to take that responsibility very seriously. I mean, if the left’s claims that Trump is responsible for the January 6 incursion on […] More

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    Could Obama Have Stopped COVID-19? Signs Point to Yes

    COVID-19 may have come out of Wuhan, China, but there are other parts of the world that were aware of what was going on in those labs. As early as 2015, researchers were playing around in what would become the coronavirus. Hmm, let’s see who the president was in 2015. Oh, that’s right – […] More

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    Adam Schiff Fakes Tears at the First Day of January 6 Hearings

    The Capital riots from July 6 are at the top of the importance list for the silly Democrats. The word that describes them the best is “hypocritical.” Their investigation is nothing more than a ruse to try and pin something on the Republican Party before the midterm elections. They have a hunger to damage every […] More

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    CDC Demands That All People Remask Under Certain Conditions

    There was a time when the COVID-19 virus was said not to be a problem for young people. But the Democrats could not live with themselves if they did not try and exert some form of control over them. They have slowly lowered that age for required mask-wearing to nearly two years of age. And […] More

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    Meet the Democrat That Refuses to Learn Her Lesson

    Lori Lightfoot is the mayor of Chicago, and she has been under scrutiny for her failure to work with people of a different skin tone than herself. Logic dictates that she should apologize for her actions and seek to do better in the future. But that is a far cry from what she has done. […] More

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    Tucker Carlson Proven Right – NSA Confirms

    Fox News Tucker Carlson was vindicated just days ago when it was finally confirmed that what he had been saying about being spied on was actually true. The seemingly tall tale took on a life of its own days after he told his story on the air. Carlson came on air saying that he knew […] More

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