Dems are Handed Defeat by Their Own

lassedesignen /
lassedesignen /

The political left has made it all too obvious in recent years that they would like full and complete control over just about everything, including the Supreme Court. Thankfully, the High Court isn’t willing to give up its much-needed power.

The decision was made on Tuesday in a rather rare moment of cohesion by all nine Supreme Court Justices.

Illinois and Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who also chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, recently wrote the Court demanding that they subject themselves to a probe into their ethics and how they are maintained.

Together, those like Durbin and a number of left-leaning groups have been working hard to weaken the power of the Court, which is laid out rather plainly in the US Constitution. According to Gabe Roth of the liberal group Fix the Court, “Without a formal code of conduct, without a way to receive ethics complaints and with a way investigate them, the Supreme Court has set itself apart from all other federal institutions.”

Naturally, this means they can’t be controlled by the usual avenues. And so, they think that must be fixed.

But, as I mentioned before, the US Constitution is the one that sets the Court apart, ensuring that it can remain objective and work towards the good of the nation and not one particular side or the other.

And all nine justices, including the left-leaning ones, seem to agree.

In a response letter to Durbin, the justices wrote in clear language that they would not submit themselves to oversight by Congress and, in doing so, forfeit their autonomy.

Naturally, the demand from Durbin comes after another round of attacks on conservative-leaning justices like Clarence Thomas. Thomas has been accused of accepting gifts such as vacations from political donors and not reporting them. However, rules requiring him to do so were not made until March, meaning prior instances cannot be held to the standard.

Additionally, Durbin and his associates want to create a stricter code of conduct for the justices, including a rule allowing any judge to be removed from any case if the Committee thought they might be unbiased.

Needless to say, such a rule would create a dangerous precedent and one that could be used by either party to push their own agenda. And the justices said as much.

Looks like the Supreme Court will remain true to its calling.