House Oversight Committee Launches New Investigation and Brings 3 Witnesses Against Biden

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

Biden’s administration has been hit rather hard and on multiple fronts this past week by the House Oversight Committee. First, they have announced the first witnesses to appear for the official impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden. Secondly, another investigation into Biden’s Energy Secretary has been launched.

The first took place on Monday, just days before the inquiry and its first hearing is to begin.

In a statement on X, “Today, we are announcing the witnesses for our first hearing on the President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Impeachment Inquiry. This hearing will establish the basis for the impeachment inquiry and present the evidence House Republicans have uncovered to date regarding President Joe Biden’s knowledge of and role in his family’s domestic and international business practices.”

Witnesses will be Bruce Dubinsky, the founder of Dubinsky Consulting; Eileen O’Connor, a former assistant attorney general with the Department of Justice Tax Division; and Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University Law School professor.

As you likely know, for decades, Biden has been accused of selling his influence, power, and name to the highest bidder, namely foreign nationals and leaders. Hunter, his son, has long been known to deal in not-so-legitimate business endeavors with foreign nationals.

But as time and evidence have mounted against Hunter, so too have they for crooked Joe.

According to Committee Chairman and Representative James Comer of Kentucky, they have “thousands of pages of financial records, emails, texts, testimony from credible IRS whistleblowers, and a transcribed interview with Biden family business associate Devon Archer,” and all “reveal that Joe Biden allowed his family to sell him as ‘the brand around the world to enrich the Biden family.”

While a few sell-out RINO Republicans and Biden’s White House claim there is “no evidence” of such, Comer and his committee beg to differ.

And this week, they aim to prove it. Should they succeed, official articles of impeachment will be filed and put to a vote.

This week, an investigation was also launched into what basically amounts to Biden’s push for green energy and war on fossil fuels.

It happened after Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm took a four-day trip to the South to show off Biden’s progress in going green, namely the success of electric vehicles. But the journey did anything but prove Biden’s success.

If anything, it only demonstrated just how out of touch and “elite” Biden’s administration is. And as the House Oversight Committee suggests, how Biden’s green push is negatively impacting Americans.

Questions about how practical “going green” is have been around for a while. But this latest stunt calls into real question about just how hypocritical it all might be, especially after police were called because one of Granholm’s aids blocked an EV charging station with a gas-powered car to ensure the secretary and no one else would have first dibs at a running EV.

Yep, you read that right. A member of Granholm’s caravan actually blocked an EV charging station with his fossil fuel guzzler so that, when Granholm finally arrived, she could get her EV charged. Meanwhile, numerous cars, including one with an infant inside, were left to wait, wait, and wait some more in the heat of June in Georgia.

Also in question is why Granholm’s EV caravan didn’t include a single Tesla, undoubtedly rated as one of the best brands on the market.

Was it all for politics, seeing as leftist enemy Elon Musk owns Tesla?

As the committee wrote in a letter demanding an accounting of the trip and its purpose, “This taxpayer-funded publicity stunt illustrates yet again how out of touch the Biden Administration is with the consequences of policies it has unleashed on everyday Americans.”

Additionally, the letter claims what we all know to be true already, that the push to go green by the Biden White House is futile and only poses more risks both to the environment and the US as a nation.

As I said, it’s not a good week for Biden or his administration.