IDF Gets Al Jazeera Journalist and Hamas Drone Operator in One Strike

Anton Garin /
Anton Garin /

On January 7th, reports from Hamas and Palestine grabbed the world‘s attention in quick order. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has killed an Al Jazeera reporter. The news outlet pushed the story as if it was the biggest story of the year and condemned the airstrike for what happened. Never mind the fact that the reporter was riding in a vehicle with a Hamas drone operator who was being targeted.

According to the network, “Hamza Dahdouh, the eldest son of Al Jazeera’s Gaza bureau chief, Wael Dahdouh, has been killed by an Israeli missile strike in the western part of Khan Younis, Gaza. Journalist Mustafa Thuraya was also killed in the attack, when the vehicle they were traveling in near al-Mawasi, a supposedly safe area towards the southwest, was struck by the missile. A third passenger, Hazem Rajab, was seriously injured.”

With Al Jazeera feeding the mainstream and social media with anti-Israel propaganda, their ability to tell the truth in an unbiased manner is now being called into scrutiny. When they encounter Palestinians who don’t agree with Hamas, they cut them off much the same way they do the Israelis.

In a report following the strike on the 7th, Al Jazeera said, “The assassination of Mustafa and Hamza … whilst they were on their way to carry out their duty in the Gaza Strip, reaffirms the need to take immediate necessary legal measures against the occupation forces to ensure that there is no impunity.”

Seeing how the Al Jazeera reporters are refusing to provide balanced coverage and look to force a very pro-Palestine/Hamas story from the source, they accept such risks. If you ride with people who are making themselves targets, you’ll be the price too. Simple as that.