In 2022, Biden Led the Country to Its Highest Rate of Suicide in Five Years

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Provisional data from the 2022 death statistics has been revealed, and the numbers for deaths are a bit incredible but not shocking, given the way President Biden has been taking the nation. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 49,449 suicides occurred in 2022. Of those, over 4,300 came in May, July, and August. With 4,173 in January alone, they set a record for the most since 2018.

By contrast, under Trump in 2020, they hit a five-year low with 45,979.

The Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander populations were at the lowest, with 95, and whites reported the majority at 37,459. Males and females also increased from 2021 to 2022; going from 38,358 and 9,825, they shot up to 39,255 and 10,194, respectively. As noted by the CDC, “Provisional data are based on death certificate data received, but not yet fully reviewed, by CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Provisional data provide an early estimate of deaths before the release of final data.”

Truth be told, one person is majorly responsible for this 2.6% increase in suicides- President Joe Biden. While many consider access to mental health resources and depression to be major causes of suicide, it’s the root causes behind the depression and the need for mental health resources that also need to be considered.

Biden’s agenda to help himself and his gaggle of family and close supporters over the American people has driven many to the edge. As he blames his poor decision-making on conservatives, his fellow liberals get more depressed at the blame of it all being Trump’s fault. Yet when the man was at his peak in office, as he rose to the challenges of COVID, the number was at its lowest. A stat many blame on COVID initially bringing people together, making them feel mentally stronger.

As the nation struggles to deal with the problems the Biden administration is creating for us on a daily basis, remember there is hope. 2024 he’s out of office, and if that’s too far, call or text 988 to be connected with someone life who can help.