New Normal: 24-Year-Old Italian Soccer Star Suffers Mid-Game Heart Attack

ErreRoberto /
ErreRoberto /

The professional soccer leagues in Europe started their 2024 season in early March. Every single week since then, at least one young and healthy professional player in their 20s has collapsed in a game from a heart attack, cardiac arrest, or stroke. The latest victim of what are obviously COVID vaccine-induced near-death experiences collapsed during a game on Sunday evening.

Italian soccer star Evan Ndicka collapsed on the field while clutching his chest. Fans stood there in shock as paramedics rushed onto the field and hauled Ndicka away on a stretcher. The team later confirmed that the 24-year-old had suffered a heart attack.

European health officials continue to pretend that they are baffled by what’s happening. There have now been five collapsed players in five weeks of play, and all were young, incredibly fit professional athletes in their 20s.

“Who can solve this medical mystery?!”

Everyone knows exactly what is causing this because it never happened in any year before 2021. The EU coerced all athletes to take the toxic and poisonous COVID shots under the threat of no longer being able to play their favorite sports. Ever since then, athletes have regularly been collapsing during practices or live games.

The fact that we’re three years out from the mass vaccination program is especially worrisome. It appears that the damage that the shots do to the human heart and circulatory system can stick with a person for years.

Welcome to the new normal of young and healthy professional athletes collapsing from heart attacks, courtesy of the globalists at Big Pharma and the World Health Organization.