Ronna Romney McDaniel to Face Bribery Charges in Michigan?

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Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has suggested that RNC Chairperson Ronna Romney McDaniel might face state bribery charges for a phone call related to the stolen 2020 election. Benson was part of the cover-up of all the election fraud that happened in her state in 2020. She says that McDaniel’s participation in a phone call with her and President Donald Trump could result in bribery charges after McDaniel offered to pay the legal fees of election clerks in Michigan who were trying to blow the whistle.

“It really underscores the vast conspiracy, for lack of a better word, that was at play,” Benson told CNN’s Jim Acosta last weekend. “A coordinated effort in all the battleground states to delay certification creates enough confusion about the validity of the election results.”

Hey, Secretary Benson? Do you know what else creates confusion about the validity of election results?

Running a dirty election in which hundreds of thousands of fake votes are inserted into the process in the middle of the night, thus handing a false victory to a candidate who did not earn it, and then lying about it and covering it up!

The reason why Benson is now pushing for bribery charges against McDaniel is because of an offer she made on that phone call back in 2020. At least 19 election clerks from across the state were complaining about the massive numbers of obviously fake voter registrations that were pouring in from a single hotel room in Dearborn. That hotel room was the statewide “headquarters” for a group called GBI Strategies, which was paid millions of dollars to fill out Democrat voter registrations across the state of Michigan on behalf of the Joe Biden campaign.

The 19 clerks complained on a private Facebook/Meta chat room, which was leaked to the Gateway Pundit that they were receiving massive “care packages” from GBI Strategies. The packages were labeled “PPE” for “Personal Protective Equipment,” as if they were masks and gloves to protect against COVID. (Masks don’t work, by the way.)

But the packages didn’t contain PPE. They contained thousands of absentee voter registration forms. One woman was intercepted in Muskegon, MI in October of 2020 when she tried to turn in 12,500 absentee voter registration forms. At the time, there were only about 4,000 unregistered voters in Muskegon.

The whole thing triggered a joint election fraud investigation that included the Muskegon police, state troopers, the Attorney General’s office, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office. The entire thing was handed off to the FBI and then swept under the rug, never to be followed up on. If GBI Strategies was trying to insert 12,500 fake voter registrations into the system in a small town like Muskegon (which was the only reason they got caught), how many could they have inserted in places like Detroit?

Benson and the rest of the Democrats in charge in Michigan lied and covered the whole thing up. Those clerks were willing to blow the whistle on it, and that’s why Ronna McDaniel offered to have the RNC pay their legal fees.

Secretary Benson is now hoping that McDaniel will be charged with bribery, of all things because the continued cover-up of the stolen 2020 election demands it. Jocelyn Benson ran a dirty election in 2020, and Donald Trump’s victory was snatched from the American people. Weaponizing the justice system against anyone who spoke out about the “irregularities” in 2020 is the only tactic they have left. They want us all to pretend it never happened and to be too afraid to speak out if they try to steal the election again in 2024.