Tennessee Dem is Denied Entry to Capitol Again…

Susanne Pommer / shutterstock.com
Susanne Pommer / shutterstock.com

As you’ve likely heard, the political left is currently encouraging another run at increased gun control measures following a mass shooting in Nashville. And in true Democratic fashion, some political members are creating quite a spectacle of themselves.

Take Tennessee state Representative Justin Jones, for instance.

Following the shooting that left six dead at a Nashville Christian school, three children and three adults, Jones helped organize a protest at the state’s capitol. Well, it can more realistically be called an incursion, as Jones, several other Tennessee House members, and a slew of radical leftist protesters stormed the Capitol on March 30, demanding more gun control laws.

As usual, Jones and his associates would rather drudge up the same old agenda pieces than meet the real problems, such as mental health or anti-Christian violence.

Once inside the House, Jones, along with fellow Democratic representatives Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson, took over the House floor, leading protest chants and breaking chamber rules. According to The Tennessean, the trio even brought in a bullhorn to make their radical voices even more heard.

To say that the act was uncalled for, “disorderly and disruptive conduct,” as the House called it, is a bit of an understatement.

As such, there were consequences.

On April 6, the House successfully voted that Jones and Pearson should no longer be a part of their number and were therefore expelled from the House. A similar attempt to remove Johnson failed by one measly vote.
But this is where things get even more ridiculous.

Thanks to a unanimous vote by the Nashville Metro Council and another by the Shelby County Board of Commissioners, both Jones and Pearson have been allowed back into their House seats.

For Jones, he will be allowed to keep his seat until a special election is held to either keep or oust him. The date for such an election has not been set yet.

Then again, based on his latest actions at the House, he may soon be expelled again. On Monday, his first day back at the Capitol, Jones arrived toting an infant’s coffin, attempting to bring it into the building as a prop for yet another ambitious push for more gun control.
Note that this is one of the same individuals who don’t mind putting babies in those coffins via abortion…

Naturally, he was denied entry to the House, as bringing such a prop is against the rules. Of course, this didn’t really stop Jones. He proceeded to walk around the Capitol grounds with the empty casket protesting all the way.

Now, this really shouldn’t surprise too many of us. While some of us might have thought that the threat and actual expulsion from the House, short termed as it was, would have been enough to put Jones in his place and teach him a lesson or two, his kind of radical isn’t so easily swayed.

After all, Jones is a former Black Lives Matter instigator and, as such, has a tendency of 1) never being held accountable for his actions and 2) pulling the race card when it seems as though he might be getting in trouble.

He’s clearly learned nothing from his recent fallout and likely won’t unless some very real consequences are levied on him.

While plenty of people are disgusted by his recent actions, enough so that he might actually lose the special election, you can be sure this will probably not be the last time we see such outrageous acts from Jones and his ilk. And why would we if the system isn’t going to hold him responsible?

If anything, Jones has only been encouraged to act so disgustingly.

If we are to expect any changes in men like this, we have to start holding them to a better set of standards. Or, like an unruly child, they’ll never learn the error of their ways.