A Parkinson’s Doctor Is Listed Nine Times on the White House Visitor Logs

MMD Creative / shutterstock.com
MMD Creative / shutterstock.com

There’s been a lot of sudden speculation as to what is wrong with Joe Biden after his disastrous first debate with Donald Trump. Most non-experts agree that he has a terrible case of rapidly advancing, brain-eating dementia. Some medical experts have speculated, however, that Biden is struggling with some form of Parkinson’s disease. According to the White House visitor logs, it appears as if that diagnosis is correct.

Investigative journalist Alex Berenson has discovered that Dr. Kevin R. Cannard paid at least nine visits over the past year to the White House. Dr. Cannard is a leading specialist in Parkinson’s disease. He works at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

During a visit to the White House in January, Dr. Cannard met with Joe Biden’s personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor. During the other eight visits, Dr. Cannard met with CDR Megan Nasworthy, the naval nurse who coordinates all of Joe Biden’s medical care.

Many of Joe Biden’s symptoms are consistent with Parkinson’s disease. This includes Biden’s inability to pay attention, his strange walk, and the weird facial expressions that range from surprise to anger to open-mouthed, drooling stupidity and confusion.

Earlier this year, Biden’s personal physician claimed that during his physical, Biden received a neurological screening for Parkinson’s and was given a clean bill of health. Was this a cover-up?

Why did one of the leading Parkinson’s specialists in the DC area pay nine visits to the White House over the past year? The only two people that Dr. Cannard met with are responsible for Joe Biden’s health care. They are part of the White House Medical Unit, which has the sole responsibility of caring for the health of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Can you think of any other reason why they would have to meet nine times with a Parkinson’s specialist?