After Footage Of Meeting Emerges, Expert Claims Kim Jong Un Does Not Look Healthy

Alexander Khitrov /
Alexander Khitrov /

In recent days, rumors have circulated about Supreme Leader Kim Jung-un’s deteriorating physical condition. This comes amid reports suggesting that he may appear unwell during meetings with Russian President Vladamir Putin.

Professor Sung Yoo-nan Li, Fellow At Woodrow Wilson Int’l Centre For Scholars in DC said, “I don’t know what the severity of his health is like, but, just by looking at it on the TV screens, [he] doesn’t look like a healthy man.”

This sentiment was echoed by former Central Intelligence Agency N. Korea Analyst Su Mee Terry, who said Kim does not seem quite fit either while watching video clips featuring his encounter alongside Putin with Pyeong Yang.

“There was a time when he lost a little weight, and he looked better, so my initial reaction was that he didn’t look, in terms of being healthy, because his health is something that we always track anyway,” Terry explained,

Li concurred with Terry, stating that upon observing Kim walk no further than thirty feet towards elevators prior to taking a seat, one would notice labored respiration sounds emanating from him despite minimal effort expended.

Despite these concerns surrounding Kim’s fitness level, experts emphasize caution against jumping to conclusions given past instances where Kim displayed signs of poor health yet managed to recover through access to top-tiered care available exclusively to those ruling elite class members.

As per expert analysis, Kim enjoys unparalleled wealth, owning whole states under authoritarian rule, granting unfettered control, enabling him to afford premium quality treatment unavailable elsewhere across the NK regime, whose general populace suffers subpar living conditions.

Moreover, historical accounts reveal Kim’s family history was plagued by cardiovascular issues, including deaths caused by cardiac arrests among predecessors Kim Jng-il and Kim Sun-gil, raising questions regarding genetic predisposition or lifestyle choices contributing factors behind possible ailments afflicting the current ruler.

Additionally, news outlets reported Kim gaining ninety pounds post-inheriting power resulting primarily from excessive consumption habits and coping mechanisms stemming fears related to potential assassination attempts.

Furthermore, Kim reportedly contracted Gout in October 2014, requiring temporary disappearance until recovery, accompanied by the use of crutches, sparking widespread concern globally.

Given the present-day context involving strategic alliances forged amidst the ongoing Ukrainian conflict draining resources shared amongst nations involved, Kim remains a crucial partner providing critical support via arms supplies amounting to possibly five million rounds of ammunition recently delivered.

Putin finds solace in knowing Kim holds significant bargaining chips, leveraging influence vis-a-vis Western powers attempting to undermine alliance bonds formed between the Moscow-Pyeong Yang axis, which is redefining global order rules.

Lee commented, “The two men signal to Washington and other allies that, hey, you do your best to derail our partnership: We’re standing tall together.”

Thus, they send strong signals warning adversaries daring to challenge unity demonstrated by partners defying odds stacked against them.

As for whether Kim is actually in poor health, time will tell.