Border Chief Dodges Questions About Immigrant Death Rates

lev radin /
lev radin /

Border chief Alejandro Mayorkas recently appeared at a speaking engagement with the Economic Club of Washington, DC. Facing a quiz from club President David Rubenstein, Mayorkas found himself unable to answer a series of simple questions. Among them was the percentage of people dying as they tried to get into this country.

Looking distraught over the question, Mayorkas responded, “I don’t know, David, a percentage. But I will share with you having spoken to families who crossed the Darien — the area between Colombia and Panama — the suffering and the trauma is extraordinary.”

Refusing to engage in this question or in follow-up questions about the best ways for an immigrant to come here illegally, Mayorkas is setting the table for his impeachment.

Much like Mayorkas and the rest of the Biden administration, mainstream media has continuously glossed over the number of deaths from illegals trying to come here. With data largely inconsistent and unreliable south of the border, American researchers and policymakers rely on anecdotal evidence and poorly reported figures from foreign government officials.

In an effort to sidestep these landmine questions, Mayorkas has turned around and supported the Biden administration’s efforts to fund routes for these migrants to make their way to the US. Through a separate program designed to eliminate the long journey, multiple countries have welcomed a Biden initiative to fly them directly to the US and bypass immigration altogether.

While the liberals are intent on getting these illegals here by any means necessary, true Americans are tired of them showing up. Their plan to flood the nation with illegals and then give them “asylum” citizenship is a long-range plan to turn America completely in the Democrat’s favor. After all, these new voters will cast their ballot for the party that brought them here. The vote will especially be easier to make after ensuring they enjoy the American dream as our citizens suffer.