Illegal Aliens Spreading Malaria in America for the First Time in 20 Years

Jarun Ontakrai /
Jarun Ontakrai /

Sorry, Americans! You don’t get to have nice things in your country any longer. Not since the Democrat Party decided to throw the southern border open to invite in hordes of illiterate, machete-wielding foreigners to steal the American dream away from your children and grandchildren. The latest social problem that Joe Biden has invited into the country is one that most Americans thought had been eradicated from our shores two decades ago. Malaria is back.

While the CDC won’t come right out and say it, it’s clear why this resurgence in malaria is happening now. Illegal aliens are carrying the disease into the country.

Four cases of malaria were identified in Florida in May. A fifth case popped up in Texas in June. Before anyone tries to claim that this is not because of illegal aliens—which is what the Biden regime is saying—here are some facts about this nasty and fatal disease that hasn’t been present in America for more than 20 years now.

There are five different malaria viruses that mosquitoes can carry. If a mosquito carrying a malaria virus bites you, it can infect you with malaria. Symptoms of malaria might show up within ten days, or you can carry the virus asymptomatically for up to one year before symptoms show up.

A non-infected mosquito can bite an infected person, catch the malaria virus, and then spread it to a bunch of other humans by biting them. Human-to-human transmission of malaria can also take place, usually to someone you are in close physical contact with. Pregnant mothers infected with malaria can pass it to their babies.

Once again, malaria can sit in a person’s system for up to a year while this is happening, spreading it to multiple mosquitoes and hence to many other people. Illegal aliens trekking into the country today upon Joe Biden’s invitation could be spreading malaria right now, and the outbreak won’t even show up for months.

The CDC is being coy about why this potentially fatal disease is suddenly showing up in the country again. They’re also wildly contradicting themselves to try to downplay the obvious. So, it’s sort of like COVID all over again.

For example, UPI News reports, “Federal health officials warn there could be a rise in imported malaria cases this summer linked to increased international travel.”

“Imported cases” … “linked to international travel.”

That’s cute.

It’s from those international travelers! We’d better trust those federal health officials since they covered themselves in glory so well during the last pandemic we went through.

Yet the CDC contradicted itself when it first announced that malaria was back in the United States for the first time since 2003. They said that the cases in Florida and Texas were “locally acquired mosquito-borne malaria,”—meaning the people with malaria were bitten by mosquitoes in Florida and Texas. They weren’t international travelers. This is a preemptive lie so that when that “rise in cases” happens this summer, they’re all set to blame international travelers.

The reality is that if these were locally acquired cases, it means that illegal aliens coming into the country are spreading malaria to our non-infected American mosquitoes. Then, the mosquitoes are spreading malaria around.

Malaria is potentially fatal because it attacks the human liver. We can’t believe we’re having to type this because the disease has been gone from our formerly nice country for decades. But if you come down with symptoms of malaria, you need treatment right away. This disease that illegal aliens are bringing back into the country is potentially fatal. You can thank Joe Biden if you or one of your loved ones contracts it.